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I wanted something low-key for my 40th. The Mr knows parties don't interest me at all, and I'm the first one to leave my own, so why have one just for the sake of having one? 

The original plan was to try the art deco or Turkish baths in Budapest. But then we realised we not only need a new bed frame and mattress for our newly purchased home (which is partly a 40th birthday gift to myself), but we also need wardrobes, bookshelves, console table, outdoor table and chairs, and so on and so forth. Apart from that, I've been looking into setting up a home work station and a reading nook (I can smell some home decor posts). We definitely could use the cash for more pressing requirements. 

I always take days off work on my birthday as it's a perfect excuse to get away from the drama and tantrums I'm paid to deal with on a daily basis. Now living farther away from London, we are closer to parts of England that's just as attractive to tourists as the capital, but not as frenetic.

The Mr. stayed true to the bath theme, and whisked me off to Bath, located in the county of Somerset in the South West of England. Bath, as the name suggests, is known for its Roman-built baths. It's been listed as a World Heritage Site in 1987. The English novelist Jane Austen lived in Bath for a period of five years. All her novels mention Bath, according to a website dedicated to touring readers to all the places she had lived from which she drew inspiration for her fictional settings. I never realised that, so I might as well look out for it when I re-read her books, some of which I own. 
If you're interested in or currently studying her literary classics, check out this page:

While hotel chains are guaranteed to offer comfort, accessibility, and modern amenities, I'm partial to converted ones with lots of history and quaint features. While I wouldn't have it in my own home, I love staying in places with uneven creaky floorboards, exposed wooden beams, and the country vibe that I will never get from a high-rise. They have to be refurbished of course, but with the old-world charm retained. 

You'd have guessed by now that Holiday Inn Express was out of the equation.

Homewood Park Hotel & Spa is tucked away in the village of Limpley Stoke, six miles from Bath. Even our satnav mate's (you know that male voice that goes silent just when you need to hear him giving directions) navigation skills were a little bit rusty on the day. The mainly Georgian former home is set in a sprawling 10-acre garden that includes an outdoor heated pool, hydropool, spa, and croquet lawn. The foundations of the original building date back from the 13th century. The current owner is Longleat, the estate of the 7th Marquess of Bath.

The 21-bedroom and eight-suite four-star hotel could be just any other home to the rich and famous. For me, it's the kind of dream that can only happen through a windfall. 

At least 60 flights were cancelled all over the UK the day before due to inclement weather and impending thundersnow, which made us feel relieved that we decided not to fly to Hungary. We woke up to a fresh scenery of snow-blanketed lawn. It's our first snow for the year, and at least in the last 2 years. In the 11 years that I've been living in the UK, I haven't experienced a white Christmas. It turned out to be a white birthday instead.

Off to the main road

Its grounds were the kind of darkness and lighting that horror films set in picturesque rural areas are made of. Scarily appealing I must say.

I had the pleasure of taking as much photos as I could. Photography has been a hobby I've taken up since starting my blog four years ago. The Mr even gifted me with a DSLR camera two Christmases ago. I don't think I'll ever be excellent in it, but I love interpreting scenery through the lens. I find that I'm drawn to nature, historical buildings, old architecture, abandoned structures, and anything generally untouched and uninhabited by humans. Maybe people will interest me one day. But like nature, I'd prefer if they are in an unadulterated state. 

I used to wonder whether I'd ever get sick of retreating to solitude as much as I can. You can call me boring, but I won't ever give it up.

Will show you around Bath in my next post.

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  1. What a gorgeous the outside, looks so peaceful. Love Bath. Am glad you enjoyed yourself x


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