Friday, 30 December 2016


How do you call the one who's the bearer of bad news?

Google returned with a Jonah, a hoodoo, or a jinx. I thought somewhere out there lurks a more sinister word when a seemingly global political meltdown and passing of pop culture icons one after another set the stage for the world to tip over--at least the world of social media (I must say that the demise of some of these superstars takes me further away from my childhood which is slowly becoming a minute detail of my adult life). 2016 is relentless in hogging the headlines for the wrong reasons, many are hoping for 2016 to make a French exit. The rest are probably convincing themselves that the year never even happened at all.

While events around us have been and still are deafening, I was quietly sitting through, with bated breath, the culmination of a project. The year that almost everyone I know would like to see the back of is the year of a personal achievement. Somewhere in 2016's mishmash of a narrative gone haywire, I've rewritten a chapter in my own storyline.

I entered 2016 nervously hopeful; I'm leaving it realistically 'pessoptimistic', and ever more sanguine.

Amidst all the goings-on of 2016, I have seen the best and worst in people I deal with. Some of these people are friends. I have decided that I definitely will no longer tolerate selfishness and self-serving individuals who cannot accept differences in opinions, and most of all, defeat. I have witnessed the vileness and vanity of some who couldn't, didn't, and don't get their way. I think what I can credit 2016 for is that the unfavourable circumstances it ushered in placed people's and friends' true character in the spotlight. For that, I'm giving 2016 a show-of-gratitude send-off. 

My thoughts are currently and have been as disorganised as my packaging and archive boxes waiting to be unpacked. I need some time to rearrange them. Maybe I should start with my shoes and take it from there.

Before I go, let me just share with you some images I managed to take while at Al Ain Zoo last month. I visited my family (not the monkeys, cheeky) again in the UAE for some R&R. We also drove up Jebel Hafeet (literally means 'empty mountain'). At its highest point at 4,098 ft, it's almost 1,400 ft higher than the Burj Khalifa which is currently the tallest building in the world. This trip has been my last holiday for the year. Being with my family was all I needed to recharge. 

While I was starting to write after a two-month absence, the news of George Michael's passing came on. There were others before him of similar stature, but his music was the one I listened to while growing up in a small town in the Philippines. I was brought back to around age 9 when I would go to my neighbour's to play and dance to "Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go".  I thought the tune influenced my penchant for rhymes when writing.

We're not far from Oxfordshire, so we jumped in the car on Boxing Day to visit the star's modernised 16th-century cottage where he passed away on Christmas Day. A fellow Instagrammer asked if there was security. She didn't want to travel only to be turned away. You won't, I said. I hope she made it.

Goodnight, George.

Wee, there you go. It's time.

Sayonara 2016. 

I look forward to your successor. 

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  1. Happy New Year lovely. Amazing photos. These last ones are beautiful...what a sad year in some ways, but I hope the New Year will bring us some happiness and fun. It's needed :) xx


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