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My recollection of Greek and Roman mythology is just about the same as remembering events in my life when I was about five. I think I was 15 when I had a high school subject dedicated to learning about Grecian and Roman Gods. More than two decades later, I only hear about the Gods in connection with astrology.

Unlike any other holidays I've had in Europe, this one in Mykonos was not intended for any booked walking or boat tour. I wanted to go by how I felt. For the most part, I did not want to do anything scheduled. I didn't even want to think. Nor talk. My daily life involves all of these I didn't want any of it while away. 

But when you're constantly on the go whether physically or mentally, it becomes unbearable at some point to just sleep or lie on a sun lounger the whole day. Curiosity doesn't and couldn't rest. 

I love history--what came with it, and what's left of it. While I don't live in the past, I believe I have inhabited some periods of it, hence the appetite for people, places, and events I've read about since childhood. Someone once described me as an old soul. I like that. It inversely corroborates my biological age. 

As Athens was just a stopover, Delos Island was the nearby archaeological site to visit. We were the last passengers to get on the 35-minute boat ride from Mykonos. It was unplanned; we were just checking the timings when we arrived at the port just in time for a boat to depart. We were not prepared at all for the striking heat concentrated on bare land.

Spot the intruder

Part of an agora

Delos was a major religious centre and port during the 1st Millennium B.C., and is regarded as the mythological birthplace of twins Apollo and Artemis. The French School of Athens has been excavating since 1872 and they have come into major archaeological finds comparable to those in Delphi and Olympia. The artefacts can be found in the Archaeological Museum of Delos in the site itself. Delos is in UNESCO's World Heritage List since 1990. 

Terrace of the Lions of  Delos

Aboard the boat for Mykonos, with Delos in the background

For more information on how to get to Delos, click HERE. Information is also available at the new port. Prepare for lots of walking under the sun (the only covered area is a small cafe and the museum which are both far from the entrance), water, sunblock, and patience to go thru all the artefacts in situ. There are guided tours if you wish. The area is massive, being once a cosmopolitan Mediterranean port. I suggest that you read about the island beforehand to find out which spots on the site to take a closer look at, and promise me that you'll take better photos.

A chapel atop a rocky hill seen on the way back to Mykonos

I needed a respite from a work life that's increasingly stressful and tedious. Getting away from the desk always works wonders, until you're back. The story repeats itself. But hey, that's life. 

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