Thursday, 11 August 2016


The tube ride home is quite pleasant when overground and the weather's a balmy 18 degrees centigrade. Outside, the breeze is just gentle enough to let the stray hair around my face touch my skin ever so lightly. I prefer to stand at the far end corner of the coach even though there are empty seats. Sometimes I read. Sometimes I listen to music. Most of the time I let my mind wander. My work involves dealing with highly strung and haughty people on a daily basis. Getting lost in my thoughts is somehow an exorcism of the foul energy they rub off me. I allow my mind to shuffle through old conversations --both mine and overheard-- observations, and random thoughts that thrive during uninterrupted trance-like gaze past trees and green football pitch. 

Rather than post them as Facebook status, I collect my random thoughts. If I were more poetic I'd put them in a jar. But I'm not as social-media pretentious as I'd like to be, so I write them down on a yellow pad. I go over them every now and then in the hope of inspiring longer pieces. I haven't been successful so far. 

Here are snippets for now. You might be able to relate to some.

One of occasional mornings when my journey to work is like a chartered tube ride

On differences in priorities:
Me: I need to have my nails done.
Him: I need to have my tyres done.

On the perks of being a woman:
For all the time I complain about not being acknowledged, undermined, or bypassed in business transactions or conversations due to my gender, the one instance when I'm happy to not exist is when the bill comes in a restaurant and it's handed to the man.

On mutually beneficial relationships:
The reason you are together is to make each other's dreams come true. 

On what's common between men and women:
I have only known and been told that the world is full of drama queens. I say there are just as many drama kings.

On challenging one's self:
To get your mind working, read something that's out of your comfort zone or area of interest.

On the ridiculousness of superlatives:
I chuckle when people say 'best husband ever'. Who are they comparing their husbands with? The first? The second? The most recent? And I say this about people who've not been married before.

On what's important:
I can't do everything, so I choose to read.

On the circus that is Facebook:
I love looking at dogs on Facebook, especially the human kind.

On what gets me excited after a long day:
Freshly changed linens, a new book to read, a quiet night, and no work the next day.

On having someone who makes me laugh at myself:
I started wearing reading glasses. On my second week of getting used to it, I told the Mr that I really need them badly at times as everything can look hazy. He says not when I'm online-shopping for shoes.

On having children:
I was once asked by someone who was intimately close to me why I wanted children. I was dumbfounded while mentally grasping in the dark for a concrete personal reason other than biological and social expectations. In my heart though, I knew that just the two of us together had lost its meaning, and I wanted to put into the equation what I thought then would help reclaim it. I now know that the soul and meaning in a healthy relationships are not necessarily found in creating an extension of one's self. Have I found that meaning yet? More than half of it, yes. The rest will probably take a lifetime. With good company, it will be an awesome journey.

I'm lucky that I don't have to take a packed train on my way home. Winding down is therapeutic. It helps that I'm not stuck between underarms. 

Hope you're all well x


  1. Great read! Just stopping by to say that I liked what your Mr. told you about the online shopping, haha. So many of these I can relate to ... knowing that I have the next day off usually makes me revel in excitement. Have a great week.x

  2. Super! I love train rides, it can be my thinking spot x


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