Thursday, 28 April 2016

The Wallace Collection London: ROOMS Part I

Recovering from a cold, I dragged myself out of bed when off work to visit The Wallace Collection in London. Sometimes surrounding one's self with beautiful things can ease up the sinuses.

Tucked behind Selfridges London, in Manchester Square, The Wallace Collection is a national museum housed in historic Hertford townhouse, the former residence of the Seymour family, Marquesses of Hertford. Fine and decorative art pieces are presented in 25 galleries. 

Here, I take you to a tour of some of the rooms, paintings, furniture, and decorative pieces that I particularly loved. I'll break it up into several posts so you don't get visual overload.


Above and below are images of the Front State Room. It sets the opulent tone of the rest of the house. Front rooms, even in modern modest homes, are the grandest as this is the first room guests can see and where they are received. The porcelain displayed on cabinets and the chandelier, made by Jean-Jacques Caffieri, are originals from the 1870s.

The centrepiece is a Porphyry vase, in the middle of the four-cornered sofa, which dates back from between 1760 and 1765. The vase is made of Lapis Porphyrites which come from Egypt and were used in a majority of Roman buildings. 

Above is the Back State Room, which is more to my taste as it is more spacious. Also, some of the family's finest French porcelain is on display in this room which I will show you later. 

Mirroring myself. The doors open to The Wallace Restaurant, a French-style brasserie operated by Peyton and Byrne.

On the first floor (second floor to our North America cousins), museum guests are greeted by a refurbished landing that opens into to a Fernery. Above is just a glimpse. We'll take a closer look in the next post. 

More coming up!

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  1. It all looks very grand my dear and does not resemble anything like what is inside my house yet I'm very drawn to the decor. Erm should you be stating on your blog what you got up to whilst you were off sick from work ha ha xx


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