Wednesday, 30 March 2016


I was in a dark mood after our farewell dinner with my mother, sister, and brother-in-law, I did what any authentic leisure-seeking local would do: go malling. I was also craving for PapaRotti's fluffy buns and signature tea and wanted the Mr to try them before heading back to the UK. 

We both shun being mall rats, but he agrees with me (he's not allowed the other way around) that malling in Dubai is a pleasant and relaxing activity, believe it or not. Perhaps it's a by-product of its gargantuan space that both locals and tourists can't fill up the malls, the endless choices of eateries and cuisines (not to mention the value-for-money portions), the luxury toilets with reception areas (at least some of them), the long opening hours (there's no need to rush after work to get some groceries, grab dinner, and catch a film as some open until 1 a.m.), the Arabian touch and accent on interior design, and the entertaining ubiquitous flashiness that back home would be very TOWIE, but in Dubai is more like a religion.

Step into my wedge sandals

My nascent obsession for interior design and fixtures takes me mosaic-tile spotting.

Notice that I didn't mention shopping despite Dubai being notorious for retail therapy. If you live in Europe, you will quickly find out that there's no difference in prices between UAE Dirhams and Euros and Sterling. I say Dubai is a shopping haven for tourists whose VAT and import taxes in their home countries quash the joy in buying more of the items one doesn't need and will never need. However, I tend to purchase brands in Dubai that are not available in the UK. 

I have been to The Souk at the Dubai Mall several times over the years but haven't paid much attention to its decor and interior. It's true that when you've seen the same over and over again, a fresh perspective will take the subject to a different light. 

The Dubai Fountain is the largest choreographed fountain system in the world, the forerunner of which is the Bellagio Hotel Lake fountains in Las Vegas. From the last time I first watched the fountain show in 2010, the duration has been cut. The shortened version felt more like a teaser. When the water has settled back though, the site across the man-made lake captivated me. The reflection of lights on water at night recreates a natural wonder which softens the coldness of modern-day structures and architectural feats. 

After satiating my PappaRoti cravings, we were left with half an hour before The Dubai Mall closed. It was 11.30 in the evening, and I was thinking about not having enough time left to scour the mall for nothing in particular. I was bitten by the local bug. No, not by the addictive shopping habits, but by the thought that midnight is still too early to be indoors.

PS. This month, I turn 3 in the blogosphere. Time flies. Thanks to all of you who still keep on reading :)

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  1. Is this a mall??? Those lamps hanging from the ceiling are very beautiful just like the mosaic on the floor...
    you are wearing a lovely pair of sandals!!!


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