Sunday, 3 January 2016

A Mini-Break In A Georgian Mansion

We had the pleasure of staying at the family-owned Penventon Park Hotel in Redruth, Cornwall until New Year's Eve. I very rarely feature hotels in my posts, but Penventon Park appealed to my penchant for things and places steeped with history and character that I took some photos to share with you. I waited for the dining room to be vacated as I didn't want to be rude and insensitive to the other guests relishing their peace and quiet. I also  get peeved when some stranger just fires away with their camera in such an enclosed space without any consideration for the privacy of the rest in the room.

I picked up the above postcard in the drawing room. This image of the Georgian mansion was drawn circa 1780, and the facade remains the same to these days, with some refurbishments and addition of modern amenities.  The chimneys are long gone.

Believe me, the Christmas tree was tall. It looked tiny in the high-ceilinged drawing room. Santa, on the left, was like a tot on top of the grand piano

I didn't ask, so I just assumed that this imposing portrait in the drawing room was of John Penberthy-Magor who designed and constructed the Georgian mansion. 

I was debating within whether the smoke alarm blended well with the intricate ceiling pattern or it shouldn't have been fitted there.

I wish I had a touch of interior design expertise so I could tell you what the walls were decorated with. I thought they were too intricate and raised for a wallpaper. Any guess?

A perfect base, Redruth is half an hour away from St Ives, a 45-minute drive to Land's End, and another half an hour to Padstow which is now a favourite spot in Cornwall. The hotel is a popular wedding reception venue. A couple had taken place on the day and before when we arrived. 

The drawing room in the morning invites just the right amount of brightness 

The cellars of The Penventon House, as it was previously called, were demolished in 1780. This spiral staircase is barricaded and may either led to the cellars in the past, or just a fixture of curiosity. The latter worked, as I kept walking towards it and was tempted to go down. As a horror and suspense-thriller film aficionado, this staircase was fodder to my imagination.

The bar rolled out the usual suspects such as G&T and vodka, lime and lemonade. It may not look it in the photo, but it was well-stocked. The best part was not worrying about how to get home after a few drinks.

The plush main dining area. It was as old-world as I would love it to be.

Santa on the right, in a golden suit, seemed caught unawares by the photo opp

The only non-old-world part was when the pianist played 'Bohemian Rhapsody' one night.

This solid mirrored cabinet where the cutlery was kept, was my favourite piece of furniture in the dining room. With home decor, I don't have a middle ground. It's either I would opt for opulence or go entirely minimalist. I'd choose the first of course if I have the space and amount to spend.

An unusual and repurposed lighting fixture in one corner of the dining room. I'd love to take it home!

The breakfast was excellent, not only in terms of variety but also when it comes to flavour. There's a list of hot breakfasts on request, and a table of continental selection while you wait. If you are staying for five nights or so, you're guaranteed a cooked breakfast of your choice every day. Before New Year's Eve, the weather was horrible that we decided to indulge in the spa services. I chose the 130-minute package that includes a full body scrub, massage, and aromatherapy. I woke up to my own snore.

One corner was filled with framed photographs and other artworks

This very generous guest bought me drinks!

The Guest. Possibly needs a tripod for self-portraits.

If you have a car and would like to have a base in Cornwall where parking will just be on your doorstep (Cornwall sceneries are very similar to Ireland's but with the uninvited stress of parking pay and display), where the food is delicious, the service is pleasant, the indoor heated pool and spa services can keep you in when the Cornish weather becomes unbearable, and all these for a very reasonable price, have a look at Penventon Park. Click on the name below to take you straight to the hotel website.

Happy New Year everyone!

West End
Redruth, Cornwall
TR15 1TE


  1. Happy New Year! The hotel looks really cosy and I surely would have enjoyed a stay there as well.

  2. It's a wonderful place where to spend a holiday, and especially during Christmas time!
    The decorations add a warm and magic atmosphere to the hotel...
    Happy New Year!!

  3. Happy New Year my lovely! What a lovely way to spend the new year. I'm more a fan of the modern, contemporary hotels when on holiday abroad, but I really appreciate these types of hotels, as you say, steeped in Character, when I am having a mini break in the UK. Ooops, guilty regarding getting the big ole' DSLR/iPhone out in a restaurant, but I am very conscious and mindful of not annoying other diners. The last time I was in Cornwall was for work so didn't see too much - the train journey was awful and I hate long drives but I know the flights are cheap! Have a great week my dear xx

  4. What a gorgeous place, wonderful pictures dear...Happy New Year x


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