Thursday, 24 December 2015


I told my friend earlier today that I'm so mentally exhausted, I cried for about 30 seconds in the work toilet just out of sheer tiredness. Instead of a long sigh and a deep breath to release the relentless stress due to the peak season at work, I just burst out into tears.

I said that I'll be having a quiet night and will catch up with the holiday fever on Christmas day. I finally had some downtime and managed to go through my overdue readings.

I hadn't planned on having a Christmas post, but reading all of yours inspired me to write a short one. 

So, let me share my 'Natale look' (as I described it to my Italian friend who's such a nutter) kindly art-directed via an app by a friend and colleague the other day. I then showed this to my boss and asked him if he would hire me had he met me looking like this. He looked closely and said, "we have the same hair!" Turns out my colleague had done the same look for him --but with glasses. 

So, here's the official holiday post from the blog.

Merry Christmas to y'all!

Hope you're all fattening yourselves up as I will be doing until the New Year celebrations.


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