Wednesday, 25 November 2015


Hello. Hi. Hola. Ciao.

Gotta reference Adele here, as even she made me sing 'Hello'. Ok, fine, thanks to Lionel Richie, too.

It's barely a month that I haven't posted anything, but it felt like at least a quarter of the year. I did say on my last post that I will be gone while I sort out some technical issues on this blog. Or did I mention technical?

via my Instagram account, a screenshoot of the first page of Riga-based bookazine 'Benji Knewman' , beckoning readers to get lost in words

I've been lunching and tea-breaking on Googlebots, robots.txt, sitemaps, webmaster tools, pings, new Facebook plugin formats that I can't figure out yet, among other techie terms that I didn't have to deal with when I started this blog almost 3 years ago on a blogspot platform. I didn't think it would be a cumbersome and frustrating process to go dot com, but here I am, still in the middle of it, but ready to face the blogging music again.

It is like being born again, but more in a philosophical sense rather than religious, for I never believe in changing religions to renew my soul, which is totally another story. I am aware of losing traffic (not that I have an exceptionally big following --at least not yet), but it will take time for the new name to crawl and be indexed and picked up by search engines. Even I don't recognise the new blog name and URL. I liked a photo on Instagram and wondered who on earth had the audacity to immediately pirate my username?! 

As with most blogs, I initially had no specific purpose when deciding on the name, so I ended up with a random moniker that I came up with while having tea one morning, which also inspired my very first post entitled 'Have I Got Mugs For You' in March 2013. The last couple of years have more or less defined my identity and direction, hence the new blog title of PEN PHOTO PASSPORT. These are my essentials for musings. I would love to share more of my thoughts as inspired by these tools. Whether those thoughts will endear me to you or will crucify me, or bore you and may even piss you off will be a revelation. I may even try to titillate you. Stop me.

So, yes, I missed you all. Looking forward to commenting back and forth with all of you again. Will be heading over to your pages soon. See yah!

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