Friday, 2 October 2015

Playa d'en Bossa from First Glimpse to Last Look

I saw this but can't remember where: writer's block is when your imaginary friends refuse to speak to you. Mine have gone on holiday and couldn't be reached. 

September has been very quiet blog-wise, but work and personal agenda are another matter. Last month was capped off with a friend's wedding in Ibiza, Spain. We arrived a couple of days earlier and turned the trip into a mini-break. 

Allow me to share with you some  daytime and sunset shots of the Playa d'en Bossa area where we stayed. 

Hopefully my imaginary friends are back soonest.

The first sunset.

The first sunrise.

Daytime grill.

The strips that never sleep.

Until next time. Goodnight.

More stories and photos next time!


  1. What a gorgeous view, love that :) Happy weekend x

  2. Hello Lovely, do you know I've never been to Ibiza. It's never been on my list of places to go simply because of those awful documentary series that used to come on about it; I think they gave Ibiza a bit of a reputation. however more recently I'm told and have seen through social media how beautiful some parts are and I think given how close it is I should make an effort to go. Your photos are confirming my thoughts - you captured the spirit very well. I love that black and white picture, I could see that being framed! Happy weekend xx

    1. My first time to Ibiza! Never in my list either as I've heard that it's more for clubbing, which I hate. Not into dressing up, taking more than an hour to do my hair and make-up, then letting it melt in a sweaty place. Yuck. If it were not for our friend's wedding, Ibiza wouldn't have been a holiday choice. But the view wowed me. There are lots of serene places. I particularly loved the Old Town which I'll be featuring soon. I hope you get to visit one day soon. Have a good week xx

  3. A wedding in Ibiza, well that sounds lovely as ever!! I've not been yet, but we were off to booking a trip once for a music festival, but went to Costa Rica instead. I hope your autumn and October have started off okay so far. These are great photos, thanks so much for sharing them. Have a lovely week Marj.
    Style Moments

    1. Thank you Madison. Thought of going to Costa Rica. I think I'll do that. Hope you're having a good week! x


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