Sunday, 18 October 2015


Let's bypass Halloween because it's already Christmas in Oxford Street, London, and thought I'd share with you my first brush with Christmas 2015 while in Ibiza at the end of September!

While walking around Old Town near the marina, we chanced upon this shop called Oliver Decoración
  along Carrer de Pere Sala that sells home decor, clothes, and trinkets. There's also a resident parrot called Roberta who unfortunately dropped a load on the last pair of earrings I wanted to buy. That's one less sale, thanks to her. 

There were too many pieces I liked, I felt this overwhelming excitement for the holiday season when I normally would dread it as it's the busiest period in my industry. But then again, I'll always find an excuse to shop for pretty things I don't really need.


...more shoes...

...and even more shoes!

Not just for display, they're all for sale

The restaurant next door

Is the Christmas spirit upstaging trick-or-treat season in your area as well?

Carrer de Pere Sala 3
Ibiza, Spain
+34 971 39 25 69


  1. Ha, you made me chuckle about the resident parrot; they need to get rid of it if it impacts on sales like that. I didn't realise Oxford street had already got into the festive spirit, I haven't noticed anything here in Birmingham, oh I tell a lie I noticed a few festivities in the John Lewis home department and that sent a shiver down my spine. Ibiza is well ahead - me like the shoesies! Hope you're having a great week xx

  2. I am definitely more into Christmas decorations, although we will attend a themed Halloween party -- Christmas is my favourite time of year. I cannot wait to see all of the window installations and shops get festive. Selfriges is usually my favourite in London, we'd always stroll by the windows. <3 /Madison
    International Foodie Files

  3. The lanterns remind me of the ones that adorn the restaurant at Victoria & Albert! So pretty :)


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