Friday, 23 October 2015


I remembered the word when the taxi driver asked where he should take us one early morning in Ibiza at the end of September.  

"Castillo, por favor," I replied, recalling the correct pronunciation of 'y' for double Ls rather than the Philippine variation of Spanish I'm accustomed to, in which the first of two consecutive Ls is articulated. 

From Playa d'en Bossa, it's roughly a 15-minute taxi ride up to that part of the fortress near the cathedral, where visitors will have to go on foot. The best time to go is early morning or late afternoon towards early evening. Otherwise, the sun is quite blistering. It's been quite a busy trip, hence we have not had time to visit at night when there are plentiful of al fresco restaurants open. 

'Dalt Vila' means High Town. The fortified walls were built by the conquering Arabs within their 500-year occupation of this eastern island off Valencia in Spain, beginning in the 9th century A.D. The colour of the walls and the trees did remind me of the time I was living in the Middle East, and the several occasions I have visited the Emirates.

This part of Ibiza is excellent for soaking up some history and architectural appreciation as the fortification is a museum on its own. Besides, we all need a break from hedonism, which Ibiza is both famous and infamous for. 


  1. The place looks so beautiful. Ibiza is still a dream for me!


  2. Wow, gorgeous pics, Marj! Ibiza is quite stunning!

  3. Once again your photos are looking like postcards - you're mastering your Canon photography skills lovely lady. I've been brainwashed by all those TV programmes about what Ibiza has to offer and every now and again, like now, I'm reminded that it has more to offer than the Brits abroad clubbing scene. I would definitely be visiting more of these historic places. I can see why the buildings reminded you of the Emirates with the gorgeous colour of the walls. Being a foodie I would have definitely searched out those al fresco restaurants though ha ha. Hope you're having a great week! xx


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