Friday, 30 October 2015


Holidays come with lazy days, when nothing concrete's planned for the day. We had some down time and used them to wander around Ibiza Town, have some San Miguel beer and paella, and meet up with our friends for mojitos (watermelon preferably, but turns out the poolside barman in our hotel just invented this concoction probably as hair of the dog for punters), sangria and churros. I sampled some ensaïmada (ensaymada in Filipino), which is a type of brioche pastry. The Balearic original is flaky which makes the Philippine variant of Majorcan origin my preferred version as it's doughy and topped with sugar and grated cheese.

Via random photos, I'll take you to Passeig de Vara de Rey, the main street in the shopping area of Ibiza Town, Placa des Parc, and the marina lined with restaurants and bars.

Ensaïmada from a local bakery, dusted with caster sugar. I normally would have this for merienda or afternoon tea, but it was a breakfast fare in Ibiza.

Not many would know that San Miguel Beer originates from the Philippines where it was first brewed in  1890 in  San Miguel, Manila. San Miguel Brewery in the Philippines and Mahou-San Miguel group, Spain's largest brewer, have an agreement for the beer's global promotion. 

Paella is a standard dish in the Philippines and not considered exotic

Watermelon mojito and shellac nail gel go together

A special welcome drink was mixed for me by a group of Filipino barmen at the Grand Palladium Hotel where my friend's bridal party stayed

This walkway reminds me of a convent school that I attended, and many other hallways of educational institutions and buildings in the Philippines inspired by European architecture

Miercoles Cerrado (closed Wednesday) is Miyerkules Sarado in Filipino, although we instinctively write signage in English . It was a Friday though when we were in Ibiza Town, I thought that was a long siesta.

A row of cocktail bars along Placa des Parc in Ibiza Town

An indulgent sangria: this is how I take my fruits on holiday

It's been more than a month since this short trip to Ibiza. The clocks have gone back for European DST. Winter's just around the corner. As with some animals that hibernate during this season, I may briefly take mine, not to abandon this blog, but to polish up on ideas I have in mind for a while now. I have reached a cul-de-sac and can't turn back until that light-bulb moment has come to collect me. 

In the meantime, go and have a look at the tabs on top of the page, where most of the entries have been organised in specific categories for easier navigation. If you like what you read, please share. Thanks to all who've been visiting, reading, commenting, and sharing.

Back soonest

Friday, 23 October 2015


I remembered the word when the taxi driver asked where he should take us one early morning in Ibiza at the end of September.  

"Castillo, por favor," I replied, recalling the correct pronunciation of 'y' for double Ls rather than the Philippine variation of Spanish I'm accustomed to, in which the first of two consecutive Ls is articulated. 

From Playa d'en Bossa, it's roughly a 15-minute taxi ride up to that part of the fortress near the cathedral, where visitors will have to go on foot. The best time to go is early morning or late afternoon towards early evening. Otherwise, the sun is quite blistering. It's been quite a busy trip, hence we have not had time to visit at night when there are plentiful of al fresco restaurants open. 

'Dalt Vila' means High Town. The fortified walls were built by the conquering Arabs within their 500-year occupation of this eastern island off Valencia in Spain, beginning in the 9th century A.D. The colour of the walls and the trees did remind me of the time I was living in the Middle East, and the several occasions I have visited the Emirates.

This part of Ibiza is excellent for soaking up some history and architectural appreciation as the fortification is a museum on its own. Besides, we all need a break from hedonism, which Ibiza is both famous and infamous for. 

Sunday, 18 October 2015


Let's bypass Halloween because it's already Christmas in Oxford Street, London, and thought I'd share with you my first brush with Christmas 2015 while in Ibiza at the end of September!

While walking around Old Town near the marina, we chanced upon this shop called Oliver Decoración
  along Carrer de Pere Sala that sells home decor, clothes, and trinkets. There's also a resident parrot called Roberta who unfortunately dropped a load on the last pair of earrings I wanted to buy. That's one less sale, thanks to her. 

There were too many pieces I liked, I felt this overwhelming excitement for the holiday season when I normally would dread it as it's the busiest period in my industry. But then again, I'll always find an excuse to shop for pretty things I don't really need.


...more shoes...

...and even more shoes!

Not just for display, they're all for sale

The restaurant next door

Is the Christmas spirit upstaging trick-or-treat season in your area as well?

Carrer de Pere Sala 3
Ibiza, Spain
+34 971 39 25 69

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