Friday, 17 July 2015

Herman Ze German: Best of Ze Wurst

'Let's Rock!'

One of the servers told me that's what the neon sign says in English, when he saw me taking photos on the lower ground floor of Herman Ze German in Fitzrovia. 

From the V&A, we decided to jump on the tube to have some wurst and beer rather than the usual chinese or lebanese on a Saturday night. I thought it could also be a chance for me to take more photos using my new 40mm pancake/prime lens for my Canon EOS 100D. I managed to take some before tucking into my Bockwust (smoky pork) and Paulaner.

Lights not on yet, but the meat mincers on the wall say 'Our Wurst is ze Best.'

Me like ze sink

Ready to dig in!

The usual German fare: wursts.

I'm not going to do a food review as my page is not meant for that. Although I came here for the food, it was also my goal to take some photos. I normally wouldn't be bothered as taking too much photos gets in the way of enjoying the moment, but I genuinely liked the interior. I love the look of salvaged and recycled items against bare walls. I wouldn't have it in my home (or hotel), but I like to see deliberately uncoordinated interior design in places where I dine or drink.

Your wurst is on its way to your table!

Give me your best wurst line :-)

Herman ze German
43 Charlotte Street
W1T 1RS 
020 7323 9207


  1. me like ze sink too. Ha ha I blogged about this last week, the fact that I like restaurants not just the food but the interior design and decor too. Unfortunately I take pictures of food as you know so by the time I've taken photos of the restaurant and the food, my friends are huffing and puffing and think I'm the wurst person to take to a restaurant- you and i would make a good dining couple I think. I've never been to a German restaurant but your new lens has captured this one very well! Happy weekend xx

  2. I agree, I wouldn't necessarily want some of the pieces in my home, but I love it and think it's very interesting to see other decor like this. I always seem to look at the decor in every restaurant and hotel I visit. Love the industrial flare as well. x/Madison
    Elegance & Simplicity

  3. It's a charming place with a warm atmosphere..I am sure they also have delicious wurst!

  4. The place looks very interesting indeed! I'm going to check out their menu.


  5. What a great place, looks so fun!! Happy week to you my dear xx


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