Monday, 13 July 2015

My 40mm Lens Challenge at the V&A and Charlotte St.

Perhaps not the best way to learn more about photography, but I'm quite enjoying being self-taught. As part of my personal training, I recently purchased a 40mm pancake lens for my Canon EOS 100D camera for the sole purpose of making my already compact baby even more compact. Had to put it to test straight away, of course.

A professional photographer friend commented on one of my Instagram posts that it's a challenge to have only one focal length. I couldn't agree more. I quickly learnt that compositions have to be more deliberate. I'm compensating in some shots by applying some filters and effects inspired by the photos I see in Cereal magazine. Will tell you more about that later.

I was hoping to see the 'What Is Luxury?' exhibit at the Victoria and Albert Museum, but it was so packed, I totally lost interest. Besides, I didn't have my 18-55mm lens kit with me, so it was cumbersome to get ideal shots for the purpose of documenting the exhibit and letting you, my readers, view it as if you were in the museum yourselves. 

Nevertheless, I took some shots from angles I haven't done inside the museum before. Some are seen from my trusty HTC One camera phone.

Entrance hall of the Victoria and Albert Museum

Outdoor area of the museum

My partner in food appreciation and demolition

Some weeks back, this German casual dining place caught our eye on our way to Josephine's Filipino restaurant in Charlotte St. We share a fascination for Berlin, and both enjoy a good serving of wurst and beer. So on a beautiful Saturday afternoon, we jumped on the tube from Knightsbridge to Great Portland St.

While walking, I took some shots of the iconic British Telecom (BT) Tower which was the tallest building in the UK in the 60s until the 80s. 

We also passed by the Fitzrovia Community Garden surrounded by an impressive rows of houses.

There's always something amusing to see in the streets of London, such as this parked bicycle whose basket was turned into a rubbish bin by passersby. 

One man's rubbish is another man's treasure

See you at the restaurant!

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  1. I agree that using prime lenses is very challenging. But they make amazing photos in the end.



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