Thursday, 9 April 2015

Discover IRELAND: Dublin, Gateway to the West

Lonely Planet has listed Ireland as one of the top 10 countries to visit in 2015.  

I've been to the country a couple of times but have only ever spent weekends.  I don't look forward to another Ryan Air flight, so the Mr. and I decided to take advantage of the Easter bank holidays to take a longer break and explore Ireland by car. 

From London, we drove roughly four hours to Holyhead in Anglesey, Wales, to take the Irish Ferries to Dublin, which was our first stop. On all occasions that I was in Ireland, I never had the chance to have Guinness, and I vowed never to have it first anywhere else but from its provenance. So, a mere three and a half hours later, upon reaching Dublin Port,  my hand also reached for its first ever pint of Guinness.  Follow me on Instagram for some in-the-moment shots.

I have never featured a hotel in all of my travels as they're all the same to me --just different furniture arrangement and bed linens. But Bewley's Hotel in Ballsbridge, Dublin was another story. It used to house The New Masonic Female Orphan School of Ireland which opened in 1881. As some of you would perhaps  know by now, I gravitate towards structures, places, and objects steeped in history.

The glass-ceilinged lobby

From our room's balcony, the original corner Tower can be seen, which isn't simply ornamental, but encloses the water supply works connected with the buildings.

On our way to catch the train to get to the city centre, we passed by this lovely home in the Ballsbridge area. I particularly loved the concrete stairs and wrought iron banister. It turns out that this was the birthplace of poet William Butler Yeats who was the driving force behind Irish Literary Revival and one of the prominent figures of 20th century literature.

Before getting on the hop-on-hop-off tour bus, we walked around the grounds of Dublin's Trinity College.

Ireland is not renowned for constant clear blue skies, but the Irish weather has always been kind to me. The Georgian buildings were beautifully set against such blue skies.

The courtesy call to Dublin Castle had to be observed. The castle was built in 1204 and has been transformed from Medieval to Georgian over the years. No traces of its Medieval roots are on ground level today, except for the Record Tower, pictured below, which was part of the original fortification.

I stay away from shopping centres during my travels for they don't enrich my experience. But, when a department store dates back from 1843, my curiosity for its internal achitecture and interior pulls me in.

I kept looking up the dome, and the banister below, which made this area of Arnott's look like a tiny promenade that reminded me of piers in the 1930s.

Although Dublin is a lovely city that has less of the stresses and footfall of London or Paris, both the Mr and I aren't big city fans. He lived and worked in Dublin some years back, so I thought it would be lovely to visit en route to his hometown. In the suburbs of Dublin is County Wicklow which I took some snapshots of. Look them up HERE.

Next post, we'll spend an overnight stay down south :)

 Merrion Road, 
Dublin 4, Ireland 

Call: 01 668 1111 F: +353 (0)1 668 1999


  1. Great photos of Dublin! I will be going back there in July and I'm excited about it!

  2. Wonderful photos of Ireland, I would like to spend some time in this area. I'm glad that you featured hotels, I don't think they are all the same at all. I used to review different hotels on my travels, very unique experiences. Have a wonderful week. <3
    Living in Colour

    1. Thank you! I'll try to feature hotels more next time. Maybe on this week's trip :)

  3. So beautiful. I've been to Dublin once a long time ago and enjoyed it. But, I didn't see as much of it as I should have. Love this hotel, it's gorgeous. Wonderful pictures doll :) xx

    1. We didn't see as much of it either, but there's always a next time. I must say that on our way back to catch the ferry, Dublin was so beautiful at 11:30pm. Really peaceful. That's when I decided I'm going back :)

  4. Ireland must looks a beautiful place where pleasantly spend a holiday...I would like going there!
    Your photos are wonderful! Thanks for sharing


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