Sunday, 22 February 2015

DOLL HOUSE: An Exhibition by Hattie Stewart at KK OUTLET Hoxton Square

The one aspect of blogging that I'm very thankful for is meeting like-minded people who may not blog about the same topics, but have the same purpose of sharing thoughts and finds that we may otherwise not come across mainstream news platforms. 

Kizzy Doll of  The Dainty Dolls House is one of them. She's all pinks and purples, unicorns and glitters, quirky and animated. She's bubblegum pink, and hearts and dainty bows. She's most things I'm not, but some things I love (we're both into fashion, albeit different genres, but both drawn into the unconventional). I sometimes wonder how people can be perky and chirpy at all times; she does it in the most colourful fashion.

One of the virtual friends and supporters I've made on blogosphere, I didn't think twice about offering to pop into an exhibit in East London which she would have loved to see had she been able to come down from Scotland. 

Via Instagram, I came to know about Hattie Stewart and her works through Kizzy. On behalf of my lovely blogger friend, come and take a look at Hattie Stewart's premiere London solo exhibition, Doll House. Described as attention-grabbingly flirtatious, some of the East London-based ace illustrator's previously unseen works are on display. Customised leather jackets, neon signages, holograms, and magazine front covers are also on show. Her signature doodles are also her cheeky take on the media's blatant manipulation of female role models.

Shit Bananas, acrylic paint x posca on paper, 300mm x 300mm, £400

SheSaw, acrylic paint x posca on paper, 400mm x 400mm, £450

Call Me Baby, posca on sourced call girl cards (lol) --her words :D, 2 x A6, £400

Ben Dover, acrylic paint x posca on paper, 10" x 8", £350

A reminder under each jacket: (Please & ta) look but don't touch yeah!

My wardrobe staple: a cool leather jacket. I'm currently on the lookout for a new one and would happily grab one of these if budget's no object. In the meantime, I'll stick to the classic while I drool over these.

Pandemonium Pussy Party, acrylic paint x posca on vintage leather, £1300

Good Girl Gang, acrylic paint x posca on vintage leather, £1300

The Snake Charmers, acrylic x posca on vintage leather, £1300

Ladies of Lunch, acrylic paint x posca on vintage leather, £1300

hEILA yELIa, acrylic paint x posca on paper, 210mm x 297mm, £350

Hattie Stewart's Doodle-Bombings, acrylic paint x posca on various magazine publications, £625 each

Doodle-Bombing for Playboy, £625

Billed as one of the most remarkable magazines on women currently in circulation, The Gentlewoman is sold at KK Outlet, with Bj√∂rk at its front cover.

KK Outlet in Hoxton Square is the London outpost of KesselsKramer, a Dutch independent communications agency. The gallery and bookshop in East London host collaborative shows and exhibitions, and carries books that can't be found elsewhere. 

You still got time. Doll House runs until 28 February 2015.

42 Hoxton Square
N1 6PB
United Kingdom


  1. Ahhh...this was amazing!! LOVED it!! Thank you so so so so much for going to it, so I could see it through your camera, that means a lot to me!! It as perfect, I wouldn't mind one of these jackets, just need to win the lottery first!! Am glad you enjoyed it too!! I bet we have more in common than it appears...I am all flowers and sunshine most times, but I love a lot of things that most wouldn't think I would...I like to be full of surprises *wink* But, it was very sweet to read what you wrote, that made me smile!! Will share this on my Friday faves - woo!! As it's definitely a favourite :D Hugs to you my dear!! Xoxox

  2. I would have loved to attend this colourful exhibition! I like anything pop art or related, so this would definitely have been my thing. At least I got a peek via your blog!

  3. I am drawn to those leather jackets, and yes, like you, I love a great leather jacket especially if it's unique and different. Thanks for sharing about this exhibition, it does look like it would have been just the exhibit that I would like to see. <3 /Madison


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