Thursday, 16 October 2014

Berchtesgaden: A Quick Stop in the Bavarian Alps

Summer has officially packed its bags a few weeks back. After that, summer to me is a state of mind.

In August, Mr Tittle-Tattles and I went to see the 'Eagle's Nest' or Kehlsteinhaus in Obersalzberg, a mountainside retreat in the German Bavarian Alps close to the border of Austria.  It was the former retreat house of Adolf Hitler which was presented to him by the National Socialist Party on his 50th birthday. View and read it HERE if you missed it.

On the way back to Munich, we spent a bit of time in Berchtesgaden. Although it is very much geographically part of Germany, its proximity to Austria renders a more Austro-Bavarian architecture reminiscent of the ones we've seen in Salzburg.

At the site of Dokumentation Obersalzberg from where we started the descent to the market town of Berchtesgaden

16 degrees closer to the mountains but the sun was out and about to keep us warm

Notice that most buildings in the town are decorated with paintings and artwork depicting religion, traditions, and way of life. I call Salzburg and Berchtesgaden 'caketown' because of their pastel-coloured buildings. Wooden balconies and flower boxes are common physical features that add to the countryside charm.

I was tempted to taste the water, but decided to just feel it on my hands

I'll choose a summer day over any bad hair day, but in the meantime, much to my dislike, I'm having more of the latter. I guess I can say that summer is mind over matter.

How was yours?


  1. This looks wonderful, I love the decorations on the buildings, that is stunning. Looks like a very cozy place the way the buildings are closer together, I like that. Am glad you enjoyed doll. Have a wonderful weekend xx

    1. I love that they take the time to decorate the buildings, thus I called it caketown :D

  2. I'd love to hear you pronounce this place - Berchtesgaden - because I can't lol. It looks very pretty, in fact it reminds me of some of the side streets of Lake Como with their colourful buildings. This past week has made me wish I was back on my cruise or in Como because the weather has been atrocious, I don't even think I could look through summer photos right now, although the sun was out today again, which was nice. I hope you got some down there too. Enjoy the weekend x

    1. My German pronunciation is quite good actually. Hahaha. One day I'll pronounce this for you if we should ever meet x

  3. I love Germany! I guess that I am lucky to be living less than an hour's drive away from it. Unfortunately I don't visit it as often as I could/should. These photos really make me want to spend more time in Bavaria :)


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