Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Road Trip to Suvereto

I could live in an island. Or be trapped in a fortress. Either way, there must be a carafe of red wine. A cigarette vending machine for when I feel that all my troubles will melt away if I smoke. And cantuccini. And pesca or melone gelato. Or both. And wi-fi. 

The old soul in me was very much at home in Suvereto, a medieval Tuscan town south of Livorno, bordering Grosseto. Dating back to around year 1000, the architectural theme of Suvereto is Byzantine-Romanesque. As if that wasn't enough testimony of a bygone period in European history, the lighting all over the streets cast a sepia tone that made the town looked even older than it already was. 

A World War II history buff, the structures and near-midnight hushed atmosphere were reminiscent of bombed-out towns I've seen in war documentaries. This, I thought, was where my button-up tea dresses, curled hair, and red lipstick once belonged.

See you at the entrance of no. 39

Plastic accepted. Change given. But no refund, no exchange

photo by gorgeous WL

Sidestreet table for two

courtesy of gorgeous WL

A cat above the rest

Hanging on for dear life on one of the most stylish bins I've ever seen


How did those clothes end up there??

A lone man. A lone woman. A stool. An empty wine glass. Free wi-fi in a medieval town. No one's ever alone.

and yet again, photo by WL

 Suvereto was supposed to be a mere 10-minute drive from Le Corti di Montepitti where we were stayed, but we got lost along the way and on the way back (a joyride!). It must have been the longest 10-minute ride I've ever taken in my life, but tucked at the backseat of a new friend's car with whom we were discussing languages, cultures, pino marittimo which WL and I dubbed broccoli trees, and, yes, Kylie Minogue's career, I thought it's great to lose one's way sometimes.

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Come next post, we'll visit the town where Costa Concordia made headlines.

See you!


  1. Stunning, I hope you get your wish of living on an island, even if it is just for 6 months of the year. We were so close to Tuscany when I was away last week, but alas only made it to Naples and Sorrento. There's so much character to those streets - what would usually be considered tacky here (clothes hanging out the front of the house) seems to be the thing that adds to the character of the neighbourhood in Tuscany. I'm sure you had a wonderful time xx

    1. That's so true! It's tacky to have clothes drying out such this way, but it's simply charming in old rural areas. I love old streets of old towns, but with modern amenities, and gelato. Haha. Yes I did enjoy and you'll read about them in future posts xx

  2. I love walking around such old Italian villages. They are so romantic and cosy. Could I live in an island? For a little while yes but not more than two weeks.

    1. I'd love to have an island getaway. Or a beach house. I can't live yet for long periods of time in an island but would love to have the option to stay in one when I want to :)

  3. What an interesting, quaint place with so many nooks and crannies to explore. I love to stroll around villages like this discovering hidden houses and shops. I'm enjoying following along on your Toscana travels.

    1. Thank you. Please stay with me as I have more Toscana stories. It would have been lovely if we managed to visit Suvereto during daytime also. Maybe next time :)

  4. What an amazing post. I must try and find this village if and when I'm next in Italy. x

    1. Welcome back! Let me know, I can ask some local friends about travel tips. Look forward to reading your post x

  5. Thank you for flying GM air!


    1. GM Air ride has been one of the best! I'll do it all over again xxx


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