Friday, 20 June 2014

That Summer In Dubrovnik, Croatia

It's that time of the year when it's muggy in the morning on the way to work, then the day proceeds to a gloomy, chilly afternoon with no sign of the sun. Plagued by hayfever for more than a week now, my whole body is tired from battling pollen, I dream of a heavy downpour to dissipate the annoying allergen. Or, if I could just pack up and not leave notice at work, I would be off to somewhere sunny right this very minute.

One of my summer trips is coming up soon, but I can't help but daydream of previous ones when my daily issues concerned bikinis, sunblock, topping up my tan, and margaritas, rather than emails, ink cartridge, and rude clients. 

So taking inspiration from Anouka, one of the loveliest bloggers (and Discover Benelux columnist) I read who puts up photos of old trips (the Peruvian one is a must-see), I'm posting some photos from a 2011 trip to Dubrovnik, Croatia. 

I'm aching for some sun-piration; allow me to begin by revisiting Dubrovnik, Croatia.

The breathtaking view from the room atop a hill, en route to the breakfast area. I can wake up to this every morning and not complain that the sea is too blue.

6pm. Poolside deserted. Sunloungers left in disarray. Sun worshippers played hide and seek with the sun

The Little Onofrio's Fountain built in 1438. People were drinking water straight from the jet stream, but didn't try it. This fountain was for the sole use of Christians in the Middle Ages

Big Onofrio's Fountain at 7am (no one getting a free drink yet). Heavily damaged in a 1667 earthquake, what's left is a bare achitectural volume. Read that the Gothic and Romanesque architectural features haven't been fully retained. The structures in Dubrovnik now are mostly Baroque

By Luza Square...

A typical Dubrovnik door

Stairs leading up to the Church of St. Ignatius and the Jesuit College

This must be for the canons...the hole in the wall was looking out into the Adriatic sea...

Breathtaking. . .

Having ice cream in a shop at the Placa

Topping up my tan!

Ahhh lovely...most tourists were probably on lunch...

The view from the dining area at the Villa Ruza restaurant at the farthest tip of Kolocep Island.

The mighty fortress Lovrijenac, one of the defence pillars of Dubrovnik

The Placa at about 7:30am, when the sun was slowly making an appearance and tourists were yet to trample on the polished path


Now back to my work email. For now.


  1. oooh noo, this is as bad as looking at holiday brochures when you're stuck in an office. These photos look like postcards - stunning and breathtaking like you say. Not long to go now till your next holiday - I think you said August. Well we have some hot weather to come this weekend so enjoy! xx

    1. Very good memory, Colleen! Yes, in 4 weeks' time, I'd be sunning myself again. I've gone whitish and I'm not very happy with my skin tone at the moment. Just need an overdose of Vit D ! Hope you're having a lovely week x

  2. Thanks for mentioning me! I have often heard that Dubrovnik is a great place to visit and your photos confirm this. Hope that you will share more old travel posts.

    1. You're welcome :) I'll look up other old holiday photos :)

  3. Wonderful psot. I've not been to Dubrovnik, but one of my friends from Croatia has told me that it is a place to visit truly. Love these images. Thanks for sharing Marj. )
    Pastel Splendour

    1. Go on and visit, too. The fortress is beautiful at night :)

  4. These are stunning photos, varied too in the way you have captured the different aspects of Dubrovnik ( which has been on my list for a while) I love the huge door! A few years ago we had a wonderful holiday on the picturesque island of Hvar. Croatia has so much to offer.

    1. Thank you miss b. I've heard of Hvar. I think we may have gone to the least picturesque area. Hahaha. But still picturesque nonetheless :)


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