Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Filipino LGBT UK: A Night With Kindred Spirits

The moment the doors to the venue swung open and my friends and I were greeted with squeals, I knew I've come down to my natural habitat.

I've been invited by some really good friends at the Filipino LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) UK's fundraising event for mature gays in the Philippines who are devoid or short of family support. The organisation is made up of the group mentioned and their supporters and friends. Members are mostly in healthcare, theatre and performing arts, and social services. 

I usually don't refuse any invites to attend events for a cause, and definitely couldn't give this one a miss.

via Filipino LGBT UK's Facebook page

My friend Will's Vivienne Westwood's jelly loafers set off the night's atmosphere: bright, bold, beautiful, and weather and bad mood-proof

The night's presenter: the other Vivienne in yellow, that shone brighter than Will's canary yellow loafers despite being tones lighter, who turned on her wit, charm, and humour once on stage

The drag acts (L-R): Alanah, Manila Morena, Lalaine Dion, and Aveeda Diva. Fabulous performances!

Huggy McGuire and Gizielle didn't disappoint with their dance and song intermission number

Thought I looked excited next to a very demure Huggy McGuire

With lovely and sweet Gizielle

Vivienne at work

Fun, funny, and funner Joel Medina, Chairman of Filipino LGBT UK

Huggy and Gizielle on stage, joined by Troy Nelmida in the below photo

Troy, incidentally, is an old acquaintance from my former publishing job in the Philippines 14 years ago! I didn't even know he's an excellent singer.

Aveeda Diva getting ready to belt out a tune

Alanah as Lady Gaga. I'm not sure if the latter is aware she's a woman in drag, or that she's portrayed as one.

Lalaine Dion and her killer dress. When I asked what her name was, he replied, "Dexter". I said he better change it before going on stage.

Manila (or Melanie) Morena from behind

Manila Morena hazily revealed

And the winners are....

No need to drag the announcement...the final two....

And Drag Queen 2014 is none other than....drum roll...Dexter, errr, Lalaine Dion!!!

Aside from being spotted on the dance floor for my dancing potential by a ballroom dancing enthusiast who wouldn't let me go without perfecting the routine, and eventually sending my Clic H enamel bangle flying off the opposite side of the room (luckily not hitting anyone), I had a grand time! 

Congratulations to the performers, winners - especially Dexter -  the organisers, and everyone else involved in the event. More to follow!


  1. What a fantastic evening! Looks like so much fun. x

  2. I would have enjoyed this event so much! The Queens look fabulous!

  3. Wow, looks like an enjoyable time, I love the canary yellow dress. Great photos!
    Have a lovely week Marj.

    1. Thanks Madison! Really Enjoyable I'm joining Gay Pride this year :)

  4. oh wow how fab - now this is something I haven't done or been to before. They all look great and you sound like you enjoyed it. Love the photos and you look gorgeous as always. Keep going with the dancing - it's the best form of exercise in my opinion. I'm considering doing some pole dancing. Have a lovely weekend babes xx

    1. I look forward to your pole dancing coverage. Hahaha x


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