Monday, 7 April 2014

How Do I Love Me? (Let Me Post The Ways)

I love me for colour-coordinating my leggings, one-shoulder sports bra, and leg warmers that put Jane Fonda to shame, and ensuring that the whole look isn't exclusive to the eyes of other gym members, but is preserved for posterity.

I love me for being a great friend who's happy to share the gym mirror and fashion taste for shorts more appropriate for bedtime.

I love me, well, for simply being me. What's not to love about me, me, me, especially when I'm at the gym?

I love me for having the most toned abs, this shot can't wait for the gym locker mirror.

I love me for being able to participate in a hurdle run while on the treadmill while smiling while twisting my torso while taking a photo of myself. Phew.

I love me for having a little big boy's body set on an infant's face that can pass for a boy but looks more like a girl.

I love me for following my personal trainer's tips on resistance training. But the only thing I can't resist is taking photos of myself! I look good though, noh?

I love me for not taking life too seriously as my little friendly fuchsia phone cover shows, and for giving my posterior a well-deserved honour with its own gymfie (oh yeah, I love me for giving gym selfies a nickname!).

I (still) love me even though I'm not making any progress because I've been concentrating more on balancing a dumbbell and a mobile phone while looking at the mirror.

I love me for being so ambidextrous, I didn't spill any chocolate syrup on the floor at all! And me on the right? Ahhh, I so love me for getting my child to behave while I'm having some me time.

I love me until my old days.

Disclaimer: The identities of all but four gymfie takers have been concealed to protect their anonymity, which defies the logic and purpose of selfies, but you will see their photos floating online anyway, so go ahead and look them up.


  1. Hi dear, you have a lovely blog and great post, I hope we can follow each other, if you decided to follow me on BLOGLOVIN please let me know so I can follow you back.

  2. Very inspiring fitness pics! They remind me that I've been lazy for too long and should start working out again soon...

  3. aaaah the selfies! What can I say. I love me for being able to take a selfie without my friends and family asking what the heck I'm doing - it's just the norm now isn't it? I must say if I went to the gym and made an effort to look good in my gym apparel, my Instagram feed would be a busy collage of selfies!! x

  4. Haha, love it! I've still not managed to get on board with Selfie-savvy image taker. Some people are so good at them! Have a great weekend M. x

    1. Some people really are good at them! Especially with that stick gadget. And now they have dronies or selfie drones. Strange thing.

  5. I. Hate. Selfies. I hate the word itself actually... But male selfies - that's a whole nother level, those are just creepy.:D And that woman on a treadmill stretching. COME ONE. Have some frigging dignity!!!!! No. I don't like them. Never have. Never will. So much frigging vanity in this world.

    1. I know. And so this post is for you. I don't like vain people, but especially more so if they're male.


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