Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Bloggers' Random Facts Tag

Last week had been tough work wise, and the trend seems to have been carried over this week. I'm taking it easy by posting 11 Random Facts about me as I was tagged by lovely Ruth of Clothing Fixations. Many thanks Ruth! I promised to return the gesture, so here it goes.

My first name means pearl.

I feel the sensation of being sick when I catch a whiff of Chanel No. 5. I just find it pungent. Apologies to all its fans.

I wanted to be a majorette when I was a girl because I was fascinated by the baton-twirling, the white knee-high boots, short pleated skirt, and military style jacket. Now that I'm older, the thought of wearing white knee-high boots sends shivers down my spine.

I've taken only two selfies so far: one reluctantly made it to a blog post, and the other was a profile picture in one social media account, taken due to my youngest sister's diligent prodding because she knows I hate selfies.

I used to sing for a living while in between jobs and my next move in life. I covered tunes by the likes of Des'ree, Sade, Basia, Beverly Craven, Oleta Adams, among others. I'm never one to crave and enjoy the limelight as a stage performer, so there were times when singing felt almost like a day job. I probably would have made a career in music as a vocal coach, but then again wouldn't have made the most patient teacher that I would eventually crush so many singing dreams. 

With my all-around acoustic guitarist, drummer, pianist, backing vocalist, bass guitarist, lead guitarist, and most importantly, bodyguard. Though I was no Whitney and he was no Kevin, I will always love him as he's such a talented musician and a dear friend.

I joined Miss Philippines-Earth more than a decade ago not because it was a  childhood dream to be a beauty queen but just because I wanted to be rich. I've seen the career opportunities that a beauty pageant title has afforded some women; I thought it was the easier route to be a TV presenter. I knew I wouldn't end up with  a banker or a politician; I find struggling artists more interesting. I had to strike it on  my own. I didn't win, I didn't become a TV presenter, but I can still work on being rich. Plus, I've gained and remained friends with 5 of the girls.  Joining a national beauty pageant gave me a first-hand insight on how it feels to be at the receiving end of criticisms and insults hurled at the contestants by the public and pageant snobs, oftentimes within an earshot. If you've not been in the shoes of  those pageant candidates, you seriously don't know what you're talking about, so please go easy on the comments.

A very grainy newspaper clipping of my failed attempt to bring home the crown. Brought home and devoured the bacon instead.

I studied basic French a couple of years ago. It's proven: it's more difficult to learn another language when you're older, and when you don't necessarily have to use it on a daily  basis or with a partner. But at least now, the Gallic language is no longer totally gobbledygook to me. Having said that, I think I'll do better in German.
I have a tiny birthmark on the inner side of my left foot which looks like a wound on its final stage of healing. My mum says when she was pregnant with me, she was badly craving some pork barbeque, but because my dad was Muslim (my mum's Catholic), she wasn't even allowed near it. The unsated craving is now permanently tattoed on my left foot. No, we're seriously not superstitious. It scares me though to try fish pedicure as the fish doctor might mistake my birthmark for food.

I have a nightshirt which I've had since I was 10. It used to fall just slightly above my knees. It now skims my hips. I've kept it and occasionally use it for going out, with a jacket thrown over it. 

The vintage shirt that's never been owned by anyone else but me

 I don't like black umbrellas, wet bathroom floor, and hair strands all over it, plus on the carpet, on my bed, on the sofa, and on my chair. 

I have a very sensitive nose that I can give very descriptive names for a range of olfactory assaults (let's not get down the route of mentioning the descriptions). My sense of smell is so acute that I can even smell insincerity.

Over to you, Useful Things Beautiful Things; Luxessed (I'm sure you've been tagged ages ago); Forcailini (to get you to do some teeny bit of writing); miss b of Bobochic; and Fashion Tales. Only when you have the time ladies :)

Thank you for reading!


  1. Thank you darlin'. I'm touched that you've tagged me. Stand by...

  2. Thanks for sharing these snippets!
    So many interesting things - how great that you're a musician! And how enterprising of you to enter a big beauty pageant!
    It must be very irritating sometimes to have such a good sense of smell. Mine is average, but when pregnant it was so sensitive! Perfumes would make me heave, as did any old cooking/ bad body smells. It was terrible!

    1. Thanks for tagging me Ruth. You're right, it's quite irritating sometimes to have such a sharp sense of smell, coz in a way, it's some sort of chance for me to get to know a person more through their smell, and I must say I encounter people at work or at the gym who don't smell the nicest. It put me off big time. I end up not being able to stand them.

  3. aaaaw bless your cotton socks. I'm naughty aren't I. I was only meant to have a little break whilst I was doing some studying and working on a project but it's extended in to a full blown non-paid sabbatical and I just can't get back in to it eeek. I promise this will be my first post when I do.

    You teased me with the photo of you singing, I was frantically searching for the play button ha ha. I'm not at all surprised that you entered Miss Philippines-Earth - you are stunning and intelligent.

    More selfies, more selfies, more selfies.......hee hee

    Enjoy the bank holiday weekend xx

    1. No selfies no selfies no selfies. Hahahhaa....Thank you for the lovely words. Next time, a video will be up. Or at least an audio, coz I'm so ugly when I sing. Hhahahaa x

  4. Very interesting facts about you! Like you I am not a big fan of Chanel No 5 ;)

    1. Hate it! Not very kind to my very sharp sense of smell...

  5. I enjoyed reading your little snippets and it's funny the way we all have our pet hates such as you not liking black umbrellas. Thank you for the mention. I hope that at some point I shall have time to write a few random facts!

    1. You're welcome! Would love to get to know you more. Seriously no black umbrellas for me!

  6. Good job on tagging Colleen, babe, she's been MIA for far too long.;)

    I love you for only taking 2 selfies, really, pure love is what I feel for you. But how does that go with someone wanting to be a beauty queen???:D And Chanel No. 5... I don't get it either. I wouldn't say exactly that it stinks but the smell is far from pleasant. It smells old lady like, I don't get the hype, honestly.

    1. Didn't tag you coz you recently did one. Next time :)

      Hahahhaa...pure love for the selfie thing. It always comes up in our threads. Chanel no. 5 isn't just an old lady smell--it smells of a wake before a funeral. Just like Dior Poison. Stinky hyped-up perfumes.


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