Tuesday, 4 February 2014

The Week Around the World in Photos (Vol. 10)


The week around the world in photos is back after a three-month hiatus!  

To all who just tuned into this themed post, it all started right HERE and it grew into Volume 10.  I love snapshots not of the fashion editorial or glossy magazine ilk, but of a spur-of-the-moment variety that's still well-composed. 

I'm being a shutterbug myself lately and one of these days will share with you some photos that will speak on my behalf when images are more eloquent than words.

In the meantime, I've collated these photos from last week's Metro challenge called 'Reflections' where readers were invited to send in their shots of scenes of double images.

captured by Anton Peters
Historic and Modern London: City Hall and Tower Bridge

captured by Patrick Widdess
 The world in a drop

captured by Krzysztof Tomczak
 Looking back at the last autumn on a forest road.

captured by Michael Sutherland
 Softening the lines of Battersea Power Station

captured by Jerry Clack
Reflections of reflections at One London Bridge. Which is real?

captured by Neil Andrews
It takes someone not in a rush to see the reflection of the London Eye on a puddle on the Southbank.

captured by Daniel Trembath
 Dark and calm on the South Downs above Brighton

captured by Shagun Chawla
Almost painted.

captured by Geovana Maia
I can hear soft ripples.

captured by Heather Saunderson
 Mount Cook is reflected in the window of a church in New Zealand, appearing as if a superimposed picture.

captured by Katie McArdle
 Soul and the City. Taken from a window of the top floor at the Barclays HQ in Canary Wharf, London

captured by James Hyatt
Westminster abandoned

Have a lovely week everyone !


  1. I think the first image is absolutely breathtaking, as well as the photo of Mount Cook, all very artful and visually captivating. :)

  2. What a beautiful and creative concept - images that you wouldn't really notice unless you were looking for it, just like you said with the puddle, but seeing it presented like this is quite magical. I should really widen my eyes when out and about to capture all the striking images around me. Hope you are having a good week xx

  3. I love the London photos! I cannot wait to return there next month.

  4. These are so cool!!! The world in a drop is my favorite. And reflections of reflections at one London bridge, that one is really trippy...:)

    I've checked your first TWARWIP post too! I want a Nocqua 2000 board. And that setting, otherwise it's pretty pointless.:) But as far as the Bavarian Alps and dangling are concerned - thanks, but no, thanks.:D

    All of the shots are gorgeous, in this and in the 1st post, photography really is a beautiful art, so shutterbug away, dear.;)

  5. I was in London again last week and even though it was raining there are always so many photo opportunites. I especially like the image of City Hall and Tower Bridge here. I like to see the old and the new together and took a number of photos of the contrasting buildings.


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