Monday, 10 February 2014

My Instagram Eye (Part I)

I signed up for Instagram nearly a year ago just for the sake of it. The account was idle until I posted my first shot roughly 33 weeks ago (I wish Instagram would just stamp the exact date). Since then I've been regularly posting snapshots which sometimes are unavoidably of very personal nature (images of me with family or purchases), which I try my best not to be the case. I'm human though and have been afflicted by the 21st century social compulsion to unnecessarily let everyone take a peek into my personal space. I just leave the door ajar; the front room is still off limits.

As with this blog which is a collection of my thoughts on topical issues I feel strongly (or fashionably) about, my Instagram page is for my spur-of-the-moment observations which on its own can speak for itself. Photos are a great accompaniment to articles, so Instagram also works as my rehearsal grounds.

On this post, allow me to share with you my favourite images from my Instagram account, all taken via an old Blackberry Bold 9790, Sony Cybershot DSC-W730, and my very capable HTC One mobile camera. 


Captioned #happy #Monday. This shot of my corner vase at home had the most hits when I reposted it on my Facebook blog page. The flowers are called Alstroemeria or Peruvian Lily or Lily of the Incas, which has become my favourite summer home accessory.

The very first Instagram entry which wasn't captioned as I had no clue of hashtags at all back then. Taken one fine summer afternoon close to Battersea, London.

#Happy #Sunny Smiley ducks at a village fair. The weather was dreadfully gloomy and rainy on the day.

One super full moon. The moon was so huge, it was a flood light. Taken from the bedroom window where I left the curtains open.

A resident tourist in London. I hopped on the London Routemaster 2011 after taking this photo around Westminster. This type of bus only runs in Central London.

Popped into my friend's house whose fashion sense is also reflected on her choice of home phone. Her retro phone rang like the old times with a very crisp 'bbrrinng bbrring'. I had a toy replica in powder blue which my sister and I used to phone each other within the house when we were about six and three.

Makeup brushes doing a bit of sunbathing. Just a bit. I still didn't know what hashtags were for. And I didn't realise my kitchen roll had lolly prints until I posted this after washing my brushes. Very apt.

Captured at London Overground Willesden Junction platforms for Clapham Junction and Richmond during the Tube strike on 5-6 February, 2014.

Couldn't get through, so I stepped back and took a photo.

Willesden Junction station on the last day of the Tube strike, while I was en route to Watford. I asked if everyone was down the pub waiting for the 9pm end to the strike.

Play time. Found in the gardens of the villa where my friends and I stayed in Sicily.

Sleeping Beauty. A vintage movie poster found in one of the rooms at Villa di Bella in Sicilia. I love vintage treasures.

Bless her, but Valentine's Day has come a tad early for this lady on a date in our local bar on Saturday. She didn't just wear her heart on her sleeve, she wore all her hearts all over her dress!

Thank you for looking and I'll share Part II very soon.

Have a lovely week everyone!


  1. Nice snaps! I love the old-fashioned telephone. It reminds me of the good old times...

  2. Lovely collection of piccies and I'm glad you developed this '21st century social compulsion' to unnecessarily let everyone take a peek into your personal space. If it's any consolation I really enjoy people watching you over Instagram, not in a stalking way of course, it's just nice to see the person behind the publish/share button - it makes me smile. One day I'm going to get Naomi (CSW - yes you Naomi if you are reading this) to reveal herself too although there's something very intriguing about reading someone's post without actually visualising what they look like.

    I have on days and off days with Instagram but I think you are right, it's a great little tool for spur-of-the-moment observations xx

    1. Thank you Colleen! I must say some of the posts were inspired by you, especially the selfies. Hahaha. More to come xxx

  3. A great selection of very varied photos and I have learnt something today. I've been a fan of pretty alstroemeria flowers for some time but Lily of the Incas sounds so much more exotic! I was so relieved to have been in London the week before the tube strike.

    1. You're lucky you didn't catch the Tube strike. It would've been a nightmare to get around, though if you're staying in Central London, walking would be the best resort. Oh I love those alstroemeria and it took me ages to remember its name as it sounds scientific. I prefer Peruvian lily or Lily of the Incas :)


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