Friday, 22 November 2013

The Week Around The World in Photos (Vol. 9)

There's a reason it's called a catnap, and why you're supposed to just let sleeping dogs lie.

A couple of weeks ago, Metro asked their readers to send in photos of animals and pets caught snoozing. Here are my favourites. Hush.

photo by Magdalena Suchora

Lights, camera, snooze! Manius demonstrates the catnap pose.

photo by Stewart Finlayson
 A sleeping lion in the Serengeti. I wouldn't want to wake this one up.

photo by Sarah Labuhn
 The name is Tramp and the owner says cat's resting after a day of resting. Can't blame Tramp--born that way.

photo by Claudine Deprez
 Taking a break from horsing around

photo by Gillian Cook
Sweet dreams little monkey. Taken at Cotswold Wildlife Park.

photo by Belinda Birtwhistle
This bear cub at Whipsnade Zoo looked wasted from a big night out.

photo by Helen Dougherty
 Three little kittens curled up after losing their mittens.

photo by Sue Owens
 Rescue dog Dexter 'paws' for sleep.

photo by Martin Rawle
A young sparrow catches up on some beauty sleep.

photo by Donna Rutherford
Sydney-born George and Mildred think the weather in Berkshire, England makes them sleepy.

photo by Tat Jones
Do sleeping lions snore?

photo by David Roebuck
This cat in Chengdu City, China has yet to learn some table manners.

photo by Allan Hodgson
Tian Tian, the celebrity panda at Edinburgh Zoo, takes some time off the limelight.

photo by Carl Stokoe
 Bailey, the chocolate brown labrador, is so cute it's tempting to wake him up!

photo by Michelle Gore
Alfie takes his selfie to sleep.

Hoping you all have a good sleep too over the weekend! :)


  1. Such cute pics! I really want a dog or cat one day.

  2. Do you know, I'm not much of an animal lover - I've never owned a pet and I never coo over animals/pets - a bit like children really lol, although that little monkey was kinda cute, I have to admit!

    Have a great week hun xx


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