Friday, 11 October 2013

The Week Around The World In Photos (Vol. 6)

(Hilarious) Signs of the Times

Every week, Metro (I'm not endorsing them by the way, I just happen to pick it up on my daily commute to work as it's free,  browsing it gives me shareable finds, and it prevents me from staring at whoever's sat opposite me on the tube) hosts a themed challenge for their readers, and last week it was called 'It's A Sign.'

All sign spotters were encouraged to send in their snapshots of funny, hilarious, quirky, unusual, and malapropism-guilty road signs they've seen, walked past or driven by, that prompted them to stop to take photos. The staff's picks were featured in their section called Your World and the best one won 40 quid worth of Amazon vouchers.

Here are my favourites :)

photo by Lone Konradsen
The timer starts NOW. Seen at Aalborg airport in Denmark. No cheating.

photo by Gill Williams
Lunch hasn't been launched yet in a cafe at Coral Beach, Cyprus.

photo by Zillah Garde
The problem when a noun can also be used as a verb.

photo by Gosia Cudniewicz
Somewhere between LA and the Grand Canyon. Stuck with the XYZs of things. Raise your hand if you've been there, or better yet, if you live there.

photo by Fiona Henderson
The photographer and a friend found this road sign while traveling in Scotland. Where does LOST lead you?

photo by Kev Ball
A farmer has had enough of motorists getting stuck by following their sat navs.

photo by Steve Lovell
Short for 'We apologise for any inconvenience", as seen in Doha. Qatar.

photo by Tony Marsh
 Now, why would you put your pet bird on top of this sign? Sign spotter Mr Marsh says it could only be a warning to those birds who can read.

photo by Sarah Hurwitz
 Hahahahaha. That's all. Found in Australia.

photo by Magdalena Suchora
 Miss Suchora and her partner went on a trip to Antwerp to buy an engagement ring. This must've led them to the jewellery shop.

photo by Marcus Starling
The funkiest NO ENTRY sign in all of Saffron Hill.

photo by Mark Himsworth
 Spotted somewhere in Austria. Will Jason be there?

photo by Maria Toes
Choose carefully. Just a heads-up: RIGHT LANE MUST TURN RIGHT. Found in Boulder City, Nevada.

photo by Dave Slater
 Shall we reverse the roles? Spotted in Southampton.

photo by Vince Pol
 Seen in rural New Zealand. The point of no return. You've been warned.

photo by Ben Smith
At London Bridge station, you have to squeeze yourself in just a little bit to get out. Don't forget to queue!

Have a good weekend everyone!


  1. So funny! I think I've seen the Zzyzx sign when driving between LA and Arizona...

    1. Why name a road like as such? Haha. You should've taken a photo! :)

  2. That was very funny Marj... It got me wanting to really pay attention to signs now, as they may give me a giggle! Thanks for sharing ;-)

    1. Look out next time Zentegrate, and make sure you let me know what you see :D
      Glad you laughed!

  3. That's hilarious! Must try & remember to look out for the one at London Bridge. x

    1. I'm gonna look out for that one at London Bridge also if I ever end up there! Opposite end of the tube that is x

  4. Oh those are so funny! I love the tube exit signs! So typical of London transport!

    1. I'm on the look out now for signs on the tube!! :)

  5. Ha ha I love the hump sign, so true. Imagine you were on a first nervous date and you passed this sign, I'd go all giggly.

    Everything about the London underground confuses me, not just the signs, but I do sure miss it. Despite the squash and struggle you don't have to get involved with any road rage at 8.30am each morning!! xx

    Happy Saturday!

    1. Worse if you're on a first date with someone you don't really fancy but has the hots for you and the car broke down and you're stuck in the car with him and there's no taxi. Hahaha.
      Come to London soon! :) x

  6. That's incredible... very funny!!!!!
    Kisses my dear Marj!!!!

  7. Ha, these are brilliant! It reminds me of one time I was visiting a friend and we watched Jay Leno, he does things like this featuring the most oddest mishaps that are real. I love the first image. The no entry sign makes me laugh so much! :-) x/Madison

    1. Anything really to make everyone's day, or at least make everyone laugh :D xxx

  8. HAHAHAHA some of these were just absolutely brilliant! I'll keep an eye out for unusual road signs when I go abroad (London's is so boring when it comes to road signs haha!)


    1. You know what? You're right, London's quite boring when it comes to road signs. Haven't seen anything so far. In Sharjah, UAE, I once saw a bakery/bakeshop called LOTION. A few months after, they changed it to OCEAN. think that's what they intended as lotion phonetically sounded like ocean. But still an odd name for a bakery :D


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