Friday, 20 September 2013

The Week Around The World In Photos (Vol. 3)

There are beauty contests, and there are beauty contests for a cause. But have you heard of the ugliness contest for a cause?

Presenting...the titleholder of the world's ugliest animal: the Australian/Tasmanian blobfish!

BBC News Science & Environment

 Eternally dismal, the blobfish, a gelatinous and inedible deep-sea fish, was crowned at the British Science Festival in Newcastle.

The Ugly Animal Preservation Society told BBC News that the traditional approach to conservation is egotistical, citing that only cute animals like pandas are protected. By having an official mascot for the organisation, they're hoping to raise awareness of the endangered plight of these aesthetically challenged but some adorable-looking creatures.

And some website was cheeky enough to compare a baby asleep on someone's shoulder with a blobfish.

A beauty, err, ugliness contest winner, is always flanked of course by the runners-up. Looks wise, would you say that the blobfish deserves the crown?

I think a Kakapo bird isn't too bad, but since it's a parrot that can't fly, it's considered an anomaly. This New Zealand native's days are numbered as there are now only 126 of them in the wild early last year.

 Don't you find this one really cute?! Very smiley with red gills. Or is that hair? It's called an Axolotl or Mexican Salamander. Its genetic defect (or blessing?) means it fails to go through metamorphosis and is able to regenerate lost limbs (it's sci-fi for real!). That characteristic is of great importance to scientists studying the healing process in relation to ageing and cancer treatment. With the abilities to not age and regrow, I wonder how they die?

Tadah! I had to laugh at the facial expression of this Axolotl. It looked like I caught it dumping. This could be a sexually mature one based on the colour variation.

The Titicaca 'scrotum' water frog which inhabits lake Titicaca in the Andes, is jokingly called as such because of its skin folds. The unfortunate name further induces giggles in the Philippines as the first four letters of the lake's name is literally translated into English as the male member.


Bad news for the Proboscis monkey males, the long and over-sized nose feature is gender specific. Endemic to Borneo, they're also called monyet belanda (Dutch monkey) or orang belanda (Dutchman) as Indonesians compared them to the Dutch colonisers who had similar large noses and pot bellies. All the Dutchmen I've met so far are all tall and slim, the colonisers may have been in town for awhile by the time the locals saw them, and adjustment to the new cuisine was wreaking havoc on their bodies. Just saying. 

Some didn't make it to the top 5, not because they're not as ugly, but more because they're not as endangered.

The pig-nosed turtle comes from northern Australia and southern New Guinea. Don't be fooled by the calm and collected demeanour of this poser as I read that they're known for their extreme aggression in captivity. How they display it wasn't mentioned though. I can't imagine a turtle suddenly up on its flippers or limbs or whatever you call them, and pinning you. But then again, there were the ninja turtles.

This one's not a runner-up and not even a contender, but I'll include it as I've not heard of an albino python.

Reuters for Metro
 Named Cheesecake, the albino python lives in a zoo in Manila, Philippines. Its hobby is to stick out its tongue at the paparazzi.

The animal kingdom is surely a hit with me this week and I do give a monkey's for these primates. 

AP for Metro

Iban, the milk-drinking 25-year-old bachelor Sumatran orangutan, stays at Ichikawa Zoological and Botanical Garden near Tokyo. I thought even his glance was regal. Someone commented that he resembles the X factor boss. The longer I look at Iban, the more I'm convinced.

Oh, look at these ones!

PA for Metro
This group of picture-perfect Indonesian macaques are huddled to keep warm in a Dublin Zoo. It will take some serious acclimatisation for this tropics-born group (I think I just described them like I would a boy band), even their real fur collars may not be warm enough.

While we are at the subject of the weird and wonderful, allow me to end this post with this Spring/Summer 2013 design by Agatha Ruiz de la Prada for Madrid Fashion Week.

The hilarious indeed wears de la Prada.

Does it come with a belt?

AP for Metro

Have a good weekend everyone! xxx


  1. I love your posts Marj, always so interesting.... it's a pleasure to visit your blog!!!!
    Kisses darling!

    1. Thanks Paola and thanks for dropping by as much as you can :)
      Have a good weekend x

  2. OMG> that proboscis monkey thing was hard. seriously need a nose job. I don't think I could keep that as a pet. The first one i just feel sorry for...Aieeaieaie.

    1. Hhahahaha....I know, poor fella. That'll be at least a few hours under the knife. I think the axolotl is cute when it's really young. It'll make me laugh in the morning when I see it in the aquarium x

  3. I think they all have a high cute factor - apart from the python! I looked at that orangutan and all I could see was Simon Cowell.Maybe it's the hair? Apologies to the orangutan!

    1. I spilt my tea when I read you compared Simon Cowell with the orang! You're so right! Now, I have to delete the regal glance--it's more calculating now.
      It's not just the hair! It's the total package!

  4. Ha, ha, I loved this post!

    I actually don't think the blobfish is all that ugly, more kind of sad with it's downturned mouth. My favourite though is Cheesecake the albino python. x

    1. Ha ha, thanks!
      I think they're cute. There are far more uglier creatures than a blobfish but maybe the feeling it evokes when you look at him is what makes it ugly. I feel like hugging it but it wouldn't make any difference to his mood :) x
      Aww, Cheesecake has a fan from England. He/She will love that. Not sure what the gender is. Haha.

  5. Oh Marj, I think I'm a bit speechless ... haha! No, but seriously these are weird, unique, and a wee bit fascinating. That blobfish is sort of disturbing to me, though! :-) Enjoy the w/e. xx/M

    1. Ha ha ...can't blame you!
      Don't let the blobfish's mood rub off you!
      Have a lovely weekend Madison xx

  6. oooh sorry I nearly missed this post. I'm glad I'm not eating! They sure is uggggly, wherever did you find them hee hee. I cant even decide which is the ugliest, but I think the least ugliest are the macaques - they're kind of cute.

    I'd love to 'meet' all these creatures in the flesh, but I'm not sure why because I don't and have never owned a pet or had any desire for any animal of any kind!!

    Hope you are having a lovely week hun xxx

    1. I thought you didn't want them, that's why you haven't left a comment. My favourite really is the axolotl. So cute yet so bizarre.
      I'd love to meet them, too, but I'm not sure if they'd love to meet me. Hahaha.
      Hope you're having a lovely week too, and thank you! xxx

  7. "Does it come with a belt" HAHAHA, brilliant! Although, gotta admit, I'm not sure how much help a belt would be when you're dressed like a giant pumpkin!


    1. You're right Hayfa, but you'll never know what designers can come up with nowadays :D
      Have a lovely day!



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