Tuesday, 17 September 2013

The Week Around The World In Photos (Vol. 2)

I know it's only Tuesday, so we'll call this 'The Week Around The World. . .so far.'

You do know her. Do you, really? Scroll down to find out....

But before that, take a look at this photo bomber, more appropriately called frog-o-bomber...

NASA can confirm the authenticity of this photo. Captured by one of the remote cameras that recorded the launch of the  Lunar Atmosphere and Dust Explorer in Virginia last week, the remains of the frog were not reported to have been found. But judging from the spread-eagle shocked pose of the unlucky amphibian, it wasn't a heavenly ending and no chance of resurrection. Just shows: don't be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

A very expensive caffeine addiction. This silver coffee percolator was sold at Bonhams for £2,000. Made in Glasgow in 1900 a few years after the first percolators were made in America, it belonged to the wealthy MacDonald family. Etched on it was the motto 'My hope is constant in thee.'

Aahhh, how sweet. Politicians (and the Pope) get photographed holding children during campaigns and state visits, but French president François Hollande melts instead over humanoid robot Nao at the Élysée Palace. Nao is dubbed as a futuristic nanny, as featured on British TV's The Gadget Show. It interacts with babies and sings lullabies among other things.

Don't feel bad for Spaniard Francisco de Pajaro when you see him scavenging for rubbish in the streets of London. He does it for self-expression. When street painting was banned in Barcelona, he decided to move to England to find ways to do his art work. His art form was first seen in Brick Lane, East London last summer. These rubbish bags looked like they were holding on for dear life.

A thrown mattress has been made into a canvas by Francisco de Pajaro

Now, who are these bevy of beauties? Can you name them?

Supermodel Tyra Banks paid tribute to her favourite fellow supermodels, by posing as them for a photography exhibition in New York. The 39-year-old proved her A-list model status when she displayed her versatility copying the ladies, going through hair and makeup styling for up to four hours each. What's your verdict?

Tyra as Rita Ora's wifey Cara Delavingne

Tyra as former Mrs Jagger Jerry Hall

Tyra as Sports Illustrated babe Kate Upton.

Not quite. Side view maybe?

Tyra as Brigitte Bardot-esque Claudia Schiffer

Hmmm....more like J Lo to me?

Tyra as Cindy Crawford. Can't miss the beauty mark.

Tyra as Iman, otherwise known as Mrs David Bowie

I thought she was channeling diva Diana Ross instead. But then, she's not a supermodel--she's Supreme.

Tyra as party animal Kate Moss

And your guess is right: Tyra as larger than life star Grace Jones

Will the real Tyra please stand up?

Oh well, it's back to cold and gloomy ( as usual) in London again, I don't mind being in the South Island of New Zealand now aboard a Skyline gondola--cable car to you and me.

Have a good week everyone!

photo credits: Reuters & AP for Metro
NASA for Metro
Udo Spreitzenbarth


  1. Love that street art - funny and clever! I thought she was doing Diana Ross as well. I think her Kate Moss needs a grubby fag hanging out of her mouth but the Grace Jones was good.

    1. Loved that street art too! He definitely finds humour in rubbish. That's two of us who thought she was copying Diana Ross--the hair, the pose, the aura. You're right, it would've been spot on if Kate Moss had a ciggy dangling from her mouth--that was missing! Love Grace Jones!

  2. Love Tyra - she is so expressive with her eyes.

    I'm hungry, gosh i'm so pretty, hang on is that my stomach? Yep I'm hungry again. Her Grace Jones was probably cuz the set didn't share the Krispy Kremes... PS I need that coffee set. Utterly chic!! x

    1. Did you notice, she didn't include Naomi Campbell?? Don't they like each other? I really thought Grace Jones was her best interpretation. Wish I was in NYC to see this exhibit. The percolator was stunning, I was thinking it could fetch more than £2,000!

    2. Lmg, totally forgot Naomi. They hated each other!! So well spotted!! Naomi is going to seek revenge. How exciting...

    3. She will...and I'm sure she'll be throwing more than just mobile phones at Tyra!

      Suspense suspense....

  3. Amazing post! And wow, I never realised how "versatile" Tyra is! What an amazing woman :)


    1. And that's the reason she's a supermodel! :D
      Thanks Hayfa!

  4. A fun eclectic start to my day!! I saw wonderful pavement art in Vancouver but was very impressed by the mattress interpretation! ... Tyra Banks is WOW in those photos... her pose as Iman was the most convincing for me! FUN!! xx

    1. Ah...one vote for Iman :)
      I liked the mattress too, but the other half of the drawing will be left when the mattress is taken away ...oh dear...
      I've always preferred Tyra over Naomi (but not over our Naomi of CSW :D) and these photos made me like her even more.
      Have a lovely week Jenny xx

  5. You got me on that first photo. When I saw it on Facebook, I did think it was Grace Jones. I admire Tyra Banks as a talented supermodel and business woman, and now even more so. I think these shots of her amazing and very clever despite how much they might be touched up! No amount of touch up would get me looking like Tyra Banks, I cant even do the 'smise' (is that how you spell it?), but then that's why she is where she is and me.....well.....!


    1. Tyra looks great even without the model makeup. Love her eyes!
      Colleen, it's never too late. Your modeling career is yet to happen....
      And I'll make sure to join you! Hahahaha...
      Listen, can't even do a proper pout, so let's not even get to the smize part :D
      Can do a big bite (on a donut) then a gulp. My style of modeling.
      Have a lovely weekend xxx

  6. What a varied selection and that's certainly a very glamorous percolator. I hadn't realised that they were being made at that time. I liked the photoshoot and thought that the shots of Tyra as Imam and Geace Jones were especially convincing.

    1. I can imagine the percolator must be big and can take up too much space, but I guess it wouldn't be an issue in the MacDonald household.
      Grace Jones is my favourite. I think even Grace Jones would be very pleased about it.
      Have a good weekend!


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