Sunday, 11 August 2013


Not age-related my friends, nor has it any connections with how many glasses of wine you downed the other night.

A very lovely colleague-turned-friend has come up with a brilliant idea called 'CLUB 38' which could send Carrie Bradshaw and Imelda Marcos to a plantar race--except that they won't make it as they're not a size 38.

38 is shoe size 5 UK which is 7.5 to 8 US. Sarah Jessica Parker, who played Carrie Bradshaw on 'Sex and the City' is a size 7 US, while Imelda Marcos is 8.5 to 9 US if I can correctly recall. I can categorically say they can be honorary club members.

I was struggling to concisely put into words my most recent holiday experience, when a little packet containing these was handed to me.

I thought it was a very sweet surprise coming from my trip, and with new friendships getting cultivated, this gesture topped up my inner delight. I was chuffed, I wanted to share it with you. After all, you really can't take the girl out of a woman.

Now, some may regard this as a tad silly, but would you say the same of gentlemen-only clubs where men swap god-knows-what? 

In my early 20s, under the heavy trance-like influence of 'Sex and the City', I wished that growing perfect succulent tomatoes was enough to swap for shoes (you know the giving-back-to-mother-nature principle to ease the guilt of consumerism). I'm sure Carrie would've done that had she had a small garden plot. Or that would've been one of her PA's tasks.

Awww! I'm not sure how active a member I will be because as I get older, my shoe collection becomes wiser. My impulse-buying's testosterone level is gradually dipping, it's touching the practical rather than the fashion-conscious, should there be a chart for it.

But before my shoe mojo logged z's, Irina managed to lure me to swap some personal pieces for this suede Ralph Lauren high heels which ended my quest for a pair that would go with a dress I'm wearing for a friend's wedding. Done deal. And CLUB 38 didn't even officially exist then.

Please excuse the foot selfie (I had to do some body balance pose to achieve this shot), but I'm very pleased with my loot. I'm pretty sure I'd be limping in this a few hours into a Jamaican wedding that will involve lots of dancing. Sometimes this type entails just sitting down, crossing your legs, and dangling your feet. 

Now, back to where I was before I was snuck into the club.


  1. ooooh this sounds like just my kinda club - where do I sign up lol - I'm a 39/6, but for this amount of fun, I don't mind squeezing! I'm still in the fashion over practicality stage at the moment.

    I love the foot 'selfie' just as much as the shoe; I love the colour and being nude I would imagine it would go with all your dress changes for the wedding. I have a wedding coming up too and keep changing my mind about what to wear eeek xx

    have a great weekend hun

    1. I thought of you, in fact, when this club came up, among all the other women I know who'll kill for a new pair. Maybe Madame Irina will extend CLUB 38 to CLUB 38 and BEYOND one day. Something like H&M's &Other Stories. Hahaha.
      Foot selfie is my first selfie ever, and I chose my foot (right one at that) to represent me :D
      Looking forward to the wedding...and torturing my feet!
      Have a lovely weekend, too! x

  2. Most of the time I'm a 38 but there are times when I need a 39....there should be a club for every size! Love those RL shoes...I'd be happy to sit dangling my tootsies in them because I'd end up in crutches if I tried anything else. But I can dream!

    1. In that case, this club must extend its membership one day soon! I'll see if the Russian lady will be amenable to that. Love the shoes too..that's why I gave in. It would be a sight to see a lady in crutches still wearing the highest heels. I dare you! Haha.

  3. Happy Swapping???!!! What a great idea!!!
    I'm crazy for shoes and my number is just 38!!!;)
    Have a fab sunday darling!

    1. Ah, Paola, it would be lovely to have you in the club. Can't imagine how many size 38 shoes we'll be raiding from your closet!

      Have a fab Sunday too! x


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