Saturday, 18 May 2013

The Liebster Award: My Slam Book Revival

Have you ever had a slam book in elementary school and/or high school? You know, that notebook passed around where the keeper of the book poses a question then it's rotated around friends (but only amongst the cool ones) for them to write their answers?

If I'm not mistaken, slam-booking (excuse me for lack of a better word) was an all-American craze. I said 'was' because as far as my memory can stretch, the last time I saw a slam book was circa 1990. Mine was a pretty Sweet Valley High inspired little book, pictured below. I had exactly the same one. I moved home several times since then and must have lost it along the way.


I'm revisiting traces of my girlhood this week because I've been conferred the Liebster Blog Award  by fellow blogger Coulda Shoulda Woulda who's been religiously reading my posts for the last two months.Thank you very much for your time and support!


Liebster is awarded to bloggers who've only been in the circuit for less than 6 months. Variations apply but let's follow the rules in the meantime. We have plenty of time to break 'em. It's a great way to connect with other bloggers and sort of give back by introducing newbies to the eclectic blogosphere. 

Naomi has been making me feel warm and cosy in this sometimes lonely planet of blogging. She eloquently writes about anything under the sun and does very punchy commentaries, but I especially love her takes on interior design, reviews on House Beautiful magazine, and for Mad Men fans, she's the woman to sit down with--or read in this case--for witty analysis and remarks. Go on and say hello to her.

Now allow me to fire my answers to these questions. Ready?

1. If you could look like anyone who would it be?
Now that I'm older and more confident about myself, I can't really think of anyone whose face and shape I covet. But I can remember wanting to look like Wonder Woman.


2. What character from a book do you most identify with?
Josephine March of Little Women, except I'm not a tomboy and I don't hate romance. A little bit of her sister Meg because she has a weakness for luxury and leisure.

3. What is your favourite flower?
Not easy, this one. Hmmm...I love tulips but my mood today says I'm for Oriental lillies.

4. If you could meet one person from the past, who would it be?
Dr. Jose Rizal, the Philippine national hero. He was well ahead of his time and Asia's first modern non-violent proponent of freedom. He was credited as a forerunner of Gandhi. His contemporaries included Tagore and Sun Yat Sen. On a lighter note, I heard he was a ladies' man.

5. What would you talk about?
Well first of all, I'll ask him out. Records say he stood 1.50m or 4'11" so it'd be interesting to be on a date with someone much shorter than me. We'll speak in our native language and I'll ask him what he thinks about the disgusting third world political landscape and if he would still want the Philippines to be a province of Spain now that the latter's in deep recession. Then I'll sign him up on facebook. Or if our date doesn't turn out well.

6. Have you ever won anything? If you have, what was it? 
I have won some singing contests (I used part of my winnings to buy that Sweet Valley High slam book and new school shoes), spelling bees, and minor writing competitions. I'd love to win the lottery!

7. Which bag would you choose between a Chanel 2.55 bag or Hermes Kelly bag?
I got lucky and managed to get my hands on both. Chanel 2.55 when I'm feeling sassy. Hermes Kelly when I'm feeling sophisticated and grown-up.

8. What one event will forever remain etched in your  memory?
The last time I spoke to my dad on Father's Day 2006. He sounded excited and couldn't wait to get off the phone because he was competing in a bowling tournament. He passed away 10 days after. I can still hear his voice. Can I just tell you how teary-eyed I am right now? 

9. If you were stranded on a desert island and could only take one book, which one would it be?
Can I take an iPad instead with all my favourite books saved? But then how will I charge it? Ok, Archie's Double Digest then. I know it's comics. But it's an easy read and I have to concentrate on how to get out of the island.

10. What made you finally write a blog?
I write to clear and declutter my head and create something beautiful out of that clutter. There's no other time to do it but NOW.

Thank you once again for introducing me to everyone else in the scene! I'll be sharing the same opportunity to other bloggers who are in the same boat as me, and will also be dropping by other Liebsters' pages :)


  1. Congrats on your Liebster - very well deserved! Gutted that you didn't say you wanted to look like me though! Who wouldn't want perky ears, a pink nose, silky whiskers,all wrapped up in a kittenish cloud of gin? Gah!

    1. Hahahahahaha...really thought I inhaled some laughing gas!

      Well done Sulky for waking me up on a lazy Saturday afternoon catch-up with my sofa.

      I'm a bit dark so having a pink nose will make me look like a half-cooked barbeque.

      Thanks !!

  2. Thanks so much for doing this! It was lovely to read and learn more about you. Quite fun...

    I also adore Wonder woman!!! She is just kapow beautiful. Sulky is pretty too but hirsute mammals are a niche category don't you think Chinwags?

    And I also adore Archie's comics though how did he get away with two timing so openly?? SVH brings back memories alright. I need to google that Rizal fellow though but somehow I imagine him to be a Filipino version of Onassis.

    I know it is hard in the beginning to start a blog but it really is great fun and rather therapeutic isn't it? Keep going with it :) xx

    1. Thank you for the award! :)

      Sulky is very pretty, almost too sublime though to be placed next to mere humans with only a speck of hair.

      It is really cool to learn more about each other!

      Archie was a cute geek he got away with it. I would've gone out with Big Moose too. Adorably stupid beast of a man. I love purple so if I were a character on SVH, I'd be a Unicorn Club member :) Jose Rizal was the Don Juan of 19th century colonial Philippines.

      I'm getting the hang of blogging and will set aside a week when all I'll do is just to read others' blogs. Been focused on creating content.


  3. Love your blog! Thanks for visiting & following My Soulful Home. After this comment I am off to sign up to follow you. Not just as I knee jerk right back at you. I really like your "voice". Yes I am a Capricorn .... and I was between Nancy Drew & Jo March for my answer to Naomi's question. Funny that!

    1. Hi Kelly,

      Much appreciated for you taking the time to pop in. Thank you for your kindest words :)

      When you mentioned your birthday was January and you're into Grace Kelly and beautiful gardens, I just had that gut feeling that you're a Capricorn too :)

      I'm excited to 'see' more of each other.

      Looking forward to your next posts :)


  4. Well firstly congratulations to you too on receiving the Liebster award from Naomi. I am certainly loving the style and content of your blog.

    Great answers and very open and honest which is lovely. It appears we have a few things in common already: we both like lilies and we both haven't read 50 shades and we appear to both have a liking for the Zara varsity jacket; well imagine that and we have only just met ha ha, although I've seen you a couple of times in CSW's comment section.

    Can I just say JEALOUS!!! A Hermes and a Chanel; well they are two very different bags so I guess it's justified. For me....I still dream of owning both, but one will do for now whenever that may be.

    Anyway thanks for popping by my blog, lovely to have you.

    Take care


    1. Thanks fellow Liebster! And thank you for visiting :)

      We must one day read that book and talk about what we think of it. I think the author read Paulo Coelho's novel about a Brazilian bar girl in Switzerland. I thought that was the original Fifty Shades.

      I really liked the Zara jacket and really wished the print was dragons.

      Haha...don't be'll have yours one day and believe me when the time comes, you'll ask yourself what do I need this for again? Or you may not even want it anymore.

      But anyway you'll see me again soon. I look forward to more fashion stuff from you and nutrition tips :)

      More soon x


  5. Congratulations on the Award. Naomi's blog is one that I read rgularly too. I enjoyed reading your honest answers and Little women is a favourite of mine. Thank you very much for popping over to my blog and leaving a lovely comment. I'm sure I'll be visiting here again soon.

    1. Thanks miss b, the pleasure is mine!

      Pop in anytime and I do look forward to that.

      I'm now on the hunt for the 'Fifty' series on bags, dresses and shoes from Design Museum.

      See you again soon.

  6. Hello MsMadge! Firstly... have to say how much I love the swirly/splurgy watercolour background... the colours are gorgeous... and SO unusual!. It's lovely to have met you and I am now following you on Bloglovin!! Jennyxx

    1. Hi Jenny,

      Thank you for visiting my page. To be honest, this swirly background is a blogger template. I'm attracted to shades of purple and dark pink, and the print reminds me of recycled stationery from when I was a little girl. Used to collect them :)

      Lovely to meet you too and you'll be seeing more of me x

  7. How lovely! Congrats on the award, it's always nice to get to know a blogger more through these types of posts. Just found you through Miss b's blog. Enjoy your week./Madison

    1. Hi Madison,

      So pleased you came around to visit me :) Thank you very much!

      I know, this Liebster award is such a brilliant idea whoever started it! I'm even thinking of sending this even to seasoned bloggers, just to get to know them slam-book style :)

      Enjoy your week too! See you around.

      MsMadge x

  8. I love this post! I remember watching Sweet Valley High when I was younger and having slam books in middle school :) Congrats on your award, you deserve it! Good thinking about the iPad, perhaps someone will invent a solar charger?

    1. Hi Phoebe! Thanks for dropping by. I'll always be fond of SVH :)

      A solar charger won't work in the UK though if I get stuck in an island here! No sun for the most part of the year! Hah!

      Anyway have a lovely week xxx



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