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Miss Supranational Philippines 2013

I'm updating this post just because the lady who was the reason I wrote this in haste back in April 2013, recently won the Miss Supranational 2013 title in Minsk, Belarus on Friday, 6th of September.

STRAIGHT FROM MINSK. Watch the coronation night in Belarus only here on Rappler. Image from the Miss Supranational Facebook page

I check my post stats every now and then to see which countries I'm reaching, and to my surprise, the Philippines is third in my most number of audience over the weekend (elbowing Russia), and my Miss Supranational Philippines post is at the top of the most visited! Awesome!

My beauty-pageant-obsessed friend based in Florida (not unusual for Filipino gay men) has been posting messages about this, which I couldn't reply to immediately as I was heavily sedated in hospital while two of my wisdom teeth were being pulled out. I couldn't concentrate on beauty whilst groggy from general anesthesia.


The winners of Binibing Pilipinas or Miss Philipppines 2013 beauty pageant crowned in April. There's a representative for Miss Universe, Miss World, and yes, that title which got me talking, I mean writing, about the pageant.

I'm originally from the Philippines, and growing up there meant soaking ourselves up in the country's national obsession: beauty contests. We have all titles covered from the small barrio fiesta mini pageants to the biggest and grandest Miss Universe, Miss World, Miss International, Miss Earth, Miss Global, Miss Globe International, Miss Galaxy International, and everything else describing the entire expanse of the universe and beyond. 

It is an exhaustive list, and if my gay friend were a woman, we would have competed together and against each other and he wouldn't let me have the crown. Ever. And he did comment after reading this back in April that he would steal my evening dress and swimsuit so I have nothing to wear for the event. What a 'B'! But you know, you'll do anything when you want something.

I will not discuss the cultural nuances as I don't have the time to research and edit. I was a wannabe investigative journalist so I still think like a wannabe investigative journalist. I have to get my facts, figures, and interviews straight.

I write this to express my fondness for this Philippine obsession which has not really left me even though I left the country. The other reason was to single out a new title which found me in stitches.

At around eight years old, my idea of girl power was not Margaret Thatcher.


Former UK Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.

Former Philippine President Corazon Aquino

Nor Cory Aquino.

It was Lynda Carter.
Lynda Carter was of course Miss World USA 1972. It was more than just becoming a beauty queen (though I've tried it and it wasn't a walk in the park). It was being Wonder Woman. But it was nonetheless just the same. 

Lynda Carter shaped my view on how a beautiful woman should look (aside from Jaclyn Smith--I'm obviously a fan of brunettes). Up to these days, she's still my gauge, and I still go for the big hair when I go for big events (big deserves big). And If I had her upper torso, my mammaries would also be on display even in winter. But they're not, so roll necks are the way to go.

borrowed from my beauty pageant obsessed friend's FB post :)
 L: Mutya Datul, Miss Supranational Philippines 2013; R: Ariella Arida, Miss Universe Philippines 2013

Well done to the above ladies and the other candidates! From my experience, joining one was so nerve-wracking it was like being disemboweled while wearing a skimpy bikini. So, kudos to them

To the left is the title that caught my attention: Miss Supranational. I checked and this is not new this year (established in 2009). But because beauty contests are quite unheard of in the UK, I haven't been in the loop.

photo credit:
 Danielle Lloyd O'Hara, Miss Great Britain 2006

Ms Lloyd O'Hara is the only beauty queen I've heard of in the UK, and the only reason she landed the Daily Mail headlines a few months back was because of her breast implant scare when she had them removed because of a possible leak, then had them back on again. And well, occasionally getting battered in clubs.  
photo credit:
 Ms Lloyd when she's 'fully' clothed. It wasn't easy to find public images of herself where she's not in a bikini (and I'm not talking about while in a pageant) or sexy lingerie. The above photo is her most demure and classy.

Going back to Supranational, I am rather amused by the title. While Miss Mutya Johanna Datul is certainly a world-class beauty, her title is quite comic. My friend agrees with me when I said that Supranational sounds like a merger between a supernatural supermarket and National Bookstore, with branches all over the world. So instead of multinational, it is supranational. 


 Every Filipino's book store. I miss it actually. Possibly the equivalent of WH Smith here. No, even better. 

Conversations can go like this: "Hi, my name's Girlaloo. I work for a supranational company." Or parents will start advising their girls and boys to look for jobs in supranational companies.

While we are aiming for superlatives, what could be the future titles? Miss Macrocosm Philippines? Miss Plenum Philippines? Or maybe something named after an asterism? Miss Big Dipper perhaps?

Just to be clear, I'm not making fun of Miss Datul or the pageant. I'm just trying to make sense out of the unflattering title. 

One thing's cemented: global beauty competitions are not faltering. Not with new name-brands sprouting (yes, pageants are brands), even if they look ridiculous on the sash.

My friend, and the entire gay population in the Philippines then have other competitions to look forward to other than Miss Universe and Miss World (which by the way, my Florida friend is currently FB-casting blow-by-blow as it transpires in Indonesia). And with Miss Datul winning the Supranational crown, the category will remain.

My friend will definitely fill me in (because international beauty pageants don't make the headlines here--not even on Daily Mail or The Sun), and the long tradition of beauty contest obsession lives on.  

 That, and our quest for world peace.

photo credit:

Congratulations to Mutya Johanna Datul, Miss Supranational 2013!

 Here's my challenge to you: tell me if you know of funny beauty pageant titles. The comment box is all yours. Thank you!


  1. I only know the basics unfortuntely.

    I used to love the pageants as a little girl and the different national costumes displayed.

    But supranational seems more like an insurance company. Or an association for national superman or an australian pension fund - they refer to the pension as "super".

    The winner was deserving of her title though - so beautiful!

    1. Hahaha...I like the insurance reference. True. Maybe a new company can pick up on that. A super pension would be nice.

      Yup I think Miss Supranational Philippines 2013 is beautiful :)

  2. I have always found this type of contest fascinating to watch. My sister and I always used to watch The Rose of Tralee in Ireland ( and let me tell you there were always a few thorns in the bunch). Supranational sounds like a bank, so I'm going to have to invent my own.....I see they're fond of superlatives, so how about Miss Heliosphere?

    1. And the candidates are called Roses? What's the prize? The thorny ones must be crushed when they don't win.

      I think Heliosphere would better suit Derek Zoolander, the male model. He is the heliosphere personified.

      But don't be surprised if a new pageant is set up in Belarus to rival Miss Supranational, now that the organisers have read your suggestion.

      Thank you!

  3. I couldn't agree more; they are gorgeous, but I wish the title for Supranational was a bit more desirable. It makes me think of the cured dry sausage, soppressata :-p. And kudos for the "throwback"; like you, I always wanted to be Wonder Woman too lol.

    1. I've never had soppressata....what's the equivalent of that in grocery ham variety? :) Or should I go to a delicatessen?

      Miss Soppressata will probably suit a competition for curvy women.

      I think as we get older we become Wonder Woman in our own right. Our costume is our struggles and achievements :)

      Thank you eatNgreet :)

  4. I think it's more of a delicatessen good(s), somewhere along where Salami can be found ... it's a variety of it or a dry sausage of sorts, I think :-).

    1. Thanks! Will look for that.

      It's funny how a beauty pageant conversation ended up as a discussion about dry sausage :)

      Have a lovely weekend x

  5. Just recently Miss Philippines was crowned Miss World 2013

    1. Yes thank you for the info :) My friend's been doing a blow-by-blow account of it. Well done to her. Incidentally, the presenter, Myleene Klass, is half-Filipino, so I'd say Filipino women reigned at the coronation.


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