Thursday, 4 April 2013

From My Hometown Beach to Brighton (Part II)

Sometimes, photos speak louder than words.

On Easter Sunday, I revisited Brighton to rediscover the resort town. On this second part of my Brighton post, I tried my best to just write snippets and captions. I didn't quite manage.

Brighton shore

A view from the pier

To the sea and beyond


The sea side is dotted with benches bearing commemorative plaques for departed loved ones. Some of them were noticeably young. Sounds strange but I do take the time to look at and read epitaphs.

Victorian lamp post and shelter

Victorian 'birdcage' bandstand completed in 1884. Now hosts weddings, and live bands every Sunday throughout June, July and August between 2 and 4pm dependent on weather conditions. The photo on the right is a series of support structure under the pier.


A little girl stops to stare at a newly married couple whose after-wedding photos were being shot at The Bandstand. The little girl was collected by her dad when he thought she was keeping me from taking further snapshots.

The famous Grand Hotel which was bombed on 12 October 1984 by the IRA in an assassination attempt at then PM Margaret Thatcher. It reopened on 28 August 1986.

Husband and wife

Stumbled upon these two shops which both have a niche market. The husband owns Jump the Gun; and the wife owns Utility. Jump the Gun is a especialty fashion store for anything Mod. Mod which is short for modern or modernist, was a 60s British subculture. Think parkas, slim fit suits, Fred Perrys and Lambretta scooters. The 1979 cult film Quadrophenia showcases everything aforementioned. It was shot in Shepherds Bush in West London and Brighton. The Mods clashed with the Rockers. But that's another story, in keeping with my snippets-only theme, which doesn't seem to be working out.

The cast of Quadrophenia ( Yes, the blonde guy is Sting. Jump the Gun sells similar parkas, among other 60s staples such as skinny trousers and polo neck. The shop specialises in bespoke trim suits like what Bradley Wiggins is wearing on the below photo.

Photo credit: Getty Images for Mail Online

Bradley Wiggins is 2013's poster boy for mod fashion. The 32-year old road and track racing cyclist was 2012's Tour de France winner.

Utility ware. Find them at

What I love about Utility is as the name suggests, their wares are utilitarian. Reminds me of post-war vintage and retro sparsity. Or a soldier's bunker or trenches for the enamel mugs. Loved the apothecary jars and fruit crates. And carbolic soap? 

Top left: Typewritten labels on index cards at Utility. Even their business card is on a miniature index card. Right: Art Deco and antique jewellery and engagement rings. Lower left: more antique jewellery pieces. You will be spoilt for choice. Right: a salvaged (at least that's how it looked to me) kitchen sink used as display case at Utility. I'll have this in my kitchen but with modern plumbing.

 One of the many antique shops. A treasure chest. 

Inside are this desk and chair set. Mahogany. Lacquered. Dark. When I come back and you're still there, we're meant for each other.

The iconic blue plaque by the English Heritage (sadly suspended this year for lack of funding; can they not use the proceeds from my astronomical monthly council tax?) placed in buildings and locations that connect it with a historical figure. This one was at the facade of Holiday Inn Brighton where the Georgian-style (rather than Victorian as the other infrastructures in Brighton) Bedford Hotel used to stand. Charles Dickens wrote Dombey and Son while staying at the then-fashionable Bedford. I wonder if his muse will open if he were to write it now at Holiday Inn.

Incidentally, the Philippines' national hero, Dr Jose Rizal, has a blue plaque at 37 Chalcot Crescent, Primrose Hill. Swanky. The polyglot certainly had taste. Apparently the great man had a relationship with the landlord's daughter. Maybe rent was waived after that. Very charming indeed.

 And for a pop of colours

In the absence of the bright hues of barely there swimwear, these besties enjoyed an Easter day out in Brighton wrapped up in candy-coloured coats. The two women looked like the first two characters colourised in a black and white film. They took home a dolphin soft toy from this pier amusement game. The weather didn't dampen their mood, nor their coats.

I haven't had the chance to date the sun in Brighton. I'll have to ask him out again. Fingers crossed he'll show up next time.

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  1. I also read the memorial plaques - not weird at all!

    The little girl looking at the wedding ceremony was sooo sweet - she must have been so curious.

    That pier is weather dependant? Ha - so it won't be used this year I take it?

    You have competition for that desk - how gorgeous!!!

    Brighton looks lovely through your eyes x

  2. Thank you! The memorial plaque reading is a habit from childhood. Was fascinated with the fonts and messages and the dead's signature on the epitaph.

    The little girl didn't want to leave but daddy was in a rush.

    Would love to see a band at The Bandstand weather permitting.

    Hands off. The desk is mine! Haha.


  3. The last time I was here was under the old management during St. Patrick's day. Not a great food experience. The new place is much better. Taxi Brighton to London


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