Saturday, 23 March 2013

Have I Got Mugs For You

Since moving to the UK some years back, I've taken up a very British habit of tea-drinking--with semi-skimmed milk (make that an aromatic Nespresso linizio lungo on weekends). I choose substance over form as to how my cuppa is served, so as long as the inside bottom and rim are not stained, I'm chuffed. But when the weather is drab and gloomy--as it normally is in Gran BretaƱa--and I have Saturday morning to zone out, I can easily blank out my peripheral view and manage a visual lockdown. My gaze was fixed at this nondescript mug containing my breakfast brew. My mind involuntarily drifted while I stir.

My mug. Neither here nor there.

Whilst the drink was beautiful, surely the mug can do better? You know, something quirky, something mood-lifting, something more me or what I want to project, or maybe even something naughty? Now that's the caffeine kicking in on my weekend brain.

An avid online shopper, I trawled the net and found some interesting pieces which I would normally do a double take for only when I'm looking for a generic gift. But these cupboard essentials have personalities, they could hold their own on the dishrack. Take your pick.

For the neat freaks. The biscuit pocket mug.

My cup of tea. The biscuit pocket appeals to my minimalist, everything-must-be-in-place predilection. I rained on this little mug's parade when I thought it would've been perfect if the pocket can hold two more biscuits. I'm not on a diet you see.

Well, look what turned up. 

This can hold a few Ryvitas or biscuit thins, but it's more of a soup dish. I wouldn't want to demolish all the biscuits so they won't come crashing down all over my facial orifice when I tip to sip. Besides it's a tad odd to drink from a cup with two mouths, one being round and the other rectangular.

So I'll stick to my first choice--with an Oreo this time.

Variations are aplenty, with a fireplace-like pocket underneath the mug that resembles a horror flick gaping mouth.

 Pocket for used teabag
How about a mug that comes with a detachable bag? It's unisex.

For the touristy, paparazzi, and photography enthusiast, the lid doubles as a biscuit holder. Can you tell by now that I'm obsessing about biscuit holders?

Also comes in ceramic

These mugs are off to a tea party and they're playing dress-up. Which one do you think is having a blast?
Rubik's cube. Go figure.
Grenade mug. Rest assured this is dishwasher-safe.
Cadbury chocolate chunk. Sweet.

Toilet bowl mug. Wash your hands after use.

For the repressed, guilty of the occasional Freudian slip, or those with certain fixations. Photos don't do justice. Handle with care and go easy on the grip.

For those in denial.

For those whose family and friends can't remember how you take your coffee or tea. Write it down. Comes with two pieces of chalk. Biscuits not included.

For those having a bad day, take it out on your mug. Jot down your shite list and drink to that.

Did you really think that your colleagues don't have an opinion of you when they gave you that plain white mug for Christmas? Look under. That's what you call a bottom line.

For those with misguided love, the I Love range. I think this lot is the most garden-variety type but had to include them to raise a point. How can anyone declare adulation for such an inanimate object as aprons? Erasers maybe. I did. But I was in kindergarten.

For those whose love is even more misguided, treat yourselves to this.

I initially thought this one was a printing error. Or a punctuation mark was missing. But I quickly realised it had a double-barrel meaning. For Iranians living abroad, Iran is indeed so far away. "I ran so far away" is something a fugitive can claim. An Iranian fugitive living abroad? Following how Ben Affleck irked Iran, the likelihood of Argo part II is nil. Oh dear, this mug can certainly hold a concoction of sorts.

Like any Filipino living abroad I get euphoric at the sight of any reference to my native language even if it's just a phrase--in this case three words, with the middle one even shortened (Wag is abbreviation for Huwag which is translated to English as Do Not). I thought that this mug which got lost in translation in a UK site, is very fitting for the coming 2013 midterm Philippine general election. This mug pulls no punches with its political admoniton Manglingkod Wag Magnakaw (Serve Don't Steal). But for a hefty £21.90, which is about Php 1350, I just might have to steal one.

I reached for my mug to take a sip, and I quickly snapped out of my trance. My tea's gone cold. I mugged myself of a couple of hours. Never mind. Could do with a refill though. I'm going for a double shot of my self-imposed break. Care to join me?

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  1. OMG - some of those mugs are mental!

    My favourite is the photo lens one because that was the only one to hold all my biscuits...

    That one with the male member would just be awkward to hold!

    But that toilet bowl one - I cant wrap my head around that one!

    1. Naomi..the toilet bowl mug is just gross! I will not allow u to have that in your newly renovated soulful home! And the "member" one. What if it suddenly went limp & filled scolding liquid on you? Eww on so many levels!

    2. I am not sure why mugs are personal billboards? You culled quite a collection Ms. Madge. The cookie Monster one is my favorite of the lot. It would be funny to give the "Office Bitch" one to an colleague if she didn't see the bottom for awhile. "Drink up boss lady!"

    3. Coz if you or someone else can't talk for you, then maybe the mugs can on your behalf :D I think the toilet bowl one should just be for a laugh, or for someone who couldn't care less about washing their mugs. 'Office Bitch' is perfect for your gay man bestie at work. He'd love that! *wink*

  2. I'm thinking of getting the male member for Madame Mrkaja. I'm sure he'll enjoy that :) The weather's making me do mental things indoors! x

  3. This was such a cute entertaining post! I love the way you write, and that pun at the end!

    For people like me who suck at keeping track of their own diets the mug with the biscuit pocket that only holds one cookie would probably be the most useful!

    1. Hi Winnie,

      Thanks for checking this one, and thank you very much for your compliments!

      Not sure if mugs like these ones can be found in Malaysia, but have a look around and you'll never know what you'll find. If you do find one, let me know :)

      Hope you're having a lovely weekend x


  4. How cute are these!! I need the cookie monster one! :)
    xo Andrea
    Wonderful and Marvelous

    1. Should be available online. Thanks for dropping by :)


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